Monday, October 14, 2013

The Past Month

Around 9 this morning Logan came up to me and asked, "Mama, I go ni-ni Lodans bed?"
I stared at him like he was nuts and asked, "Are you sure you want to go to bed?"
Logan sighed and said, "Yeah, I jus wanna go ni-ni."
I wasn't sure that it would last but I picked him up and tucked him in. Its now been an hour haha! And after my workout I thought- well, may as well blog :)

I have tried to blog in the past but it seems I am always getting interrupted by breast feeding or potty trips :) All good things but it does mean you will have to bare with me as I try to update you on the past MONTH of our lives! (Picture overload! Enjoy the slideshow- it will just make things more condensed!)
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1. I turned 27. Yay? It WAS a great day though :) Lots of good food which really, in combination with not having to do dishes is what makes a good day for me. Oh yeah- I also cut off nearly ten inches of hair.

2. The same weekend as my birthday we blessed Monica. IT was really wonderful- so sweet. And out best friends from Morgantown came over for the occasion which made it even more special.

3. After that Adam has his most grueling two weeks of surgery ever. Were talking 7am to 11pm days. It was rough to say the least.

4. BUT- at the end of that, we took a weekend trip to Tennessee to see Adams best friend from high school get married- it was great. WE love them so much! It was also fun not only cuz the kids got time with their grandparents (Logan cried when we had to leave) but because Adam got to hang out with friends he hadn't seen in years. And Adam had GOOD friends in high school. In the picture of the boys below there are two med students, one lawyer, and a middle school math teacher with a masters in education. Lets not forget that the bride and groom are both doctors as well.

5. Monica hit two months! Which came with five shots that spiked a HIGH fever and caused me to freak out and rush her to the ER :) I know, I should be a veteran mom but Logan has never really been sick so I was newb in this area. At least I know now that Monica naturally runs hot. My little two month old was 21.5 inches (what Logan was at birth!) and 10 lbs (Logan was 6lbs 13oz at birth- how is that for comparison.)

I LOVE HER. She is really just the flower of my life! She is so darling and cuddly- not to mention she has legs rolls! Oh I ADORE those fat rolls! Logan never had them. She is smiling and cooing- and is focusing and following things... this girl wants to move to bad! Forget rolling over- when i put her on her stomach she automatically tires to squish her fat knees underneath her.

6. At the same time that Monica his two months Logan hit 2 and a half. Which made me finally say- okay, its time to potty train. I really hadn't done much prep for it so I expected it to crash and burn... Yeah. Logan still proves to be the perfect model child. It was a cinch! He had three accidents in the first hour and since then has only had three! And its been almost two weeks! And those three were simply just because he couldn't get his pants down fast enough :) He also has a problem getting his super totally awesome spiderman undies up over his non existent bum which makes me laugh.

He LOVES being a big boy. He loves to help out- vacuum, sweep, unloading the dishwasher, washing Monica in the tub, swinging her, making her smile, "folding" clothes, taking out trash, putting clothes away- Logan will jump on any task and cry when you make him stop. He is also obsessed with pumpkins right now which is funny...

Logan is 100% a daddy's boy. When Adam is home Logan doesn't even like me to refill his milk cup- Adam has to do everything! I guess that's not totally true- Logan doesn't like to be tucked in at night unless its by me :) I guess he loves me a little haha! In all honestly I love that he and Adam bond so much- especially since Monica is more finicky than Logan was and takes a lot of my time. Adam and Logan went out just the two of them the other night to buy new headphones for Adam and Logan still hasn't stopped talking about it.

And that has been our lives. Adam is starting another surgery rotation which should be better because he has no weekend call but he IS on call every night all week... so we will see :) Either way we are going to a pumpkin patch this weekend which should be GREAT fun.

Also- I am awesome because all three of our pet fish are still alive...

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  1. Awesome update and great photos! Don't you just LOVE surgery rotation? Gah. Scott was on his first surgery rotation the week that I had was crazy. Oh my, your hair! It looks great!