Friday, July 19, 2013

The Fourth

 photo IMG_3120_zpsfebd7252.jpg photo IMG_3112_zps0bac1739.jpgPretty sad that I am just now realizing that I never blogged about the fourth huh?

We were suppose to start the day with a grand breakfast with our new ward but I woke-up and decided that I was too tired and a little too sore that day to be "meeting new people friendly." Luckily, Adam had the day off so I made us our own huge pancake breakfast and we were able to spend the day just the three of us having fun.

 photo IMG_3124_zps64bbeeff.jpg photo IMG_3117_zps88063f5d.jpgI was trying to get Logan accustomed to the sight and sounds of fireworks that afternoon so I got on Youtube and we watched some firework shows together. The best seemed to all be New Years celebrations in London. Adam told me later that he was proud of me for explaining to Logan that even though we were watching London fireworks they don't celebrate the fourth like we do because "its the day we beat them." :)

 photo IMG_3123_zps0badadff.jpgThat evening I made a big southern style meal- BBQ chicken, potatoes, biscuits all included. Logan loved it :)

Then afterwards we went outside and did popits and sparklers. Last year when we were in Oregon Logan was decidedly afraid of fireworks so we wanted to take it easy. Logan thought both of them were pretty fantastic so I think we will try to go bigger next year. (Monica will be ready for some scarring then right? :)

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