Saturday, July 20, 2013


Since Adam has started his rotations we have been all about doctors in our home. Adam leaves every morning in his white coat, and then one day a week when I take the car from him Logan sees him being dropped off at various hospitals and offices.

It has actually been good because Logan has a fear of doctors offices and some doctors themselves. I am actually a little paranoid that when Monica comes Logan will refuse to come in the room and see me because it freaks him out too much. So talking about doctors, visiting doctors, playing doctor, has been very productive in our home.

There have been a few unplanned golden moments with Logan in regards to all of this and I wanted to make sure that I had the chance to share them.

This is one of the days I borrowed the car from Adam- Logan refused to leave the house without a backpack just like "Daddy doctor!" and they were too endearing together to not capture. photo IMG_3132_zpsafba18b8.jpg

This first video is of Logan doing an exam on Adam. As you can see Logan takes HIPAA very seriously :)
And this second video is of Logan demonstrating the proper use of surgical tools.

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