Monday, June 3, 2013

During the Interm

Its the start of June- you know what that means? It means in 9 days I will get to have a dishwasher- and be moving into my new apartment!

It means in 16 days Adam will take his board exam.

It means in 17 days Logan and I will have Adam ALL to ourselves- no school, no work, no studying- zilch :) He will be all ours for 4 days!

It means in 21 days Adam will go to "school" at a hospital every day in a white coat.

It also means that in 59 days I get to see my mommy! And I get to see her for three weeks straight! Its going to be awesome.

It means that in a maximum of 62 days (not that I am counting) I will be able to eat dairy again.
Oh, and meet my daughter :)

In the meantime... :) this is what we have been doing to keep busy. (Packing, deep cleaning, and furious studying for boards not pictured. Because they are boring.)

Practicing to be just like daddy
 photo IMG_0761_zps6e447d4f.jpg photo IMG_0774_zps75143f10.jpg

Practicing to be just like mommy
 photo IMG_0773_zps8d6cd91d.jpg photo IMG_0776_zpsaf20e399.jpg

Practising to be just as "swag" as Uncle Alex
 photo IMG_2923_zpsf607a547.jpg

Having fun time with daddy (blanket forts and building internet space ships from legos)
 photo IMG_2913_zpscf1ee9dd.jpg photo IMG_0764_zps4e0667b4.jpg photo IMG_2931_zps7be14271.jpg photo IMG_2943_zpsdd446585.jpg

Having fun time with mommy
 photo IMG_2936_zpsb94fc9fe.jpg photo IMG_2949_zpsb8302ee7.jpg

Having picnic time with friends and their puppies
 photo IMG_2918_zps430dc8be.jpg photo IMG_2919_zpse4bc37cd.jpg

Having fun squinty eyed pool time
 photo IMG_2967_zps192ae9a9.jpg photo IMG_2968_zps80071841.jpg

Going to cool dock side restaurants with friends like hip cool people do
 photo IMG_2925_zps7de82437.jpg photo IMG_2927_zpsd66246db.jpg photo IMG_2930_zps1cec1f1f.jpg

Having sick time (aka: all the blues clues and i-pad the men want time)
 photo IMG_2961_zps1fc2e45e.jpg photo IMG_2972_zpsd6ebdc73.jpg photo IMG_2973_zps269b9671.jpg

Getting fat and pregnant time
 photo IMG_2938_zps0716a11b.jpg photo IMG_2937_zps7ef2ba44.jpg photo IMG_2975_zps0a07d641.jpg photo IMG_2980_zpsc3677dcb.jpg

Memorial Day Celebrating Time
 photo IMG_2956_zps2d63f2cb.jpg photo IMG_2958_zps1e2a8a03.jpg photo IMG_2960_zps7ecc8448.jpg

Munching Time (Sarah's munching is too sad and pathetic to picture :)
 photo IMG_2954_zpsfeeba12e.jpg photo IMG_2952_zps77ccab0a.jpg

And that's all folks!

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