Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Not So Serious

Sometimes I find parenting to be an absolutely hilarious thing. Don't worry- I take it seriously. Probably too seriously as would be any mothers problem. But more often than anything I look back on my parenting accomplishments of the day and while I feel VERY accomplished- I laugh at myself for feeling that way because  well, some of the things I feel accomplished for teaching my child are pretty ridiculous.

For example, Today:
I get in our fridge A LOT in the course of a day. Refilling Logan's milk, my juice, Adams water, eating snacks, making meals... and I was taught by my parents that you NEVER leave a fridge open. Which means when I am refilling a cup we open the fridge, take out the milk. Close the fridge. Pour the milk, recap it. Then open the fridge again, put the milk back in, and close again. An ordeal. Lots of opening and closing.

Logan, who is the most helpful two year old, LOVES to shut the fridge. In fact, he delights in seeing HOW HARD he can get that thing to shut. I snapped a little today because this "rough" behavior has led to more than one spill or broken jar and I ask- is there anything much worse to clean out than a fridge?

So I took it upon myself to teach Logan to close the fridge softly. We have been working on it since 6am. Finally, at 3pm, he has gotten VERY excited by seeing how little he can touch the door, and get it to close. VERY excited.

I was in the bathroom (drinking my water while peeing, yes, welcome to pregnancy) reveling in how happy I was that I had taught him to not only shut the fridge in a proper way, but to be really happy about it. This of course led to me think- "Wow, what has my life become when I am excited that the one thing I did today was teach a two year old how to close a fridge?"

Well I am a mom that's what :) And while in the course of my kids life I will probably feel like I failed when I see him date the wrong girl, fail a test, bully someone (okay, this is MY kid so its more like- GET bullied) crash his car, etc etc, at least I can always feel good that he doesn't slam doors right? Just as my parents can stand back and go- "Well, she has some pretty rough spots, but hey- did you see how she never leaves the fridge door open? THAT'S our girl!"

(I wonder if sometimes they feel bad that they never did get me to make my bed... that is a rule that at 27 I still delight in breaking every single day of my life. If my bed is made- its only cuz I just washed the sheets :)

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  1. That's our girl! Haha too funny! I have never thought about what traits my kids will keep on from me. How interesting. Oh and we also close the fridge every time!