Wednesday, April 3, 2013

White Coats, 2 Year Olds, and Easter

Just like I predicted- once we knew the sex of the baby time has FLOWN! Which is really good in my mind because I sort of felt like it was crawling before that.
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The week after we discovered Monica is actually Monica :) (not to say that week wasn't exciting- there was lots of phone calls, shopping, and celebrating to be done) we were getting ready for Adams parents to come in for his white coat ceremony. A white coat ceremony is like a med school graduation- it marks the stage between the first two years and the last two years, or the classroom part and the practicing in the hospital part.

Adams parents came for the weekend and I am pleased to say that the focus was entirely on how amazing my hubby is and how much he has accomplished. Some of you are thinking- so what? Two more years of school under your belt. Big Whoop.
NO. This is a HUGE whoop. Unless you are part of the process of training a doctor you can have no idea the type of work and stress that goes into school. The knowledge that if you fail an exam it not only means a bad grade but it could mean the difference between helping someone later on or not.
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Anyways- I cried through the first half- just so darn proud of him! And we had a lot of fun at the reception after.

The ceremony was on Saturday and Adams parents left Sunday morning... on Logan's 2nd birthday!!! WE did some celebrating with them the night before- Logan is TOTALLY into opening presents and LOVED the Little Tykes Bus they got him. I think he loves just having THEM there. Even the week after they were gone Logan would wake up, walk into the living room and ask me, "Grama? Grandpot?" Yes- he calls Adams dad Grandpot- with a very pronounced T and it is ADORABLE.
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On Sunday we did a little us celebration. Logan woke up and got to open presents- he loved it. We went to church and I dressed Logan up- all including a Birthday Boy pin so people would know :) Then that evening our friends Nikki and Dan came over with a gift and we had cupcakes. And to round it all off we got to facetime with best friend Henry Morgan :)
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 photo IMG_2742_zpsec8b5c0f.jpgIts funny, cuz I hear a lot of people say how they cant believe they have a two year old, and I feel so opposite. Not that I can believe he is two- though I easily can- he acts like one- but I feel like I have had Logan for so much longer in my life than just two years. Two years is so short and he has completely changed us and who we are- there has been a lot of love and happiness from him for just two short years.

I do miss his teenyness sometimes- but not too often because it is so hard not to LOVE who he is now. We don't cuddle as much but we PLAY, and really play. Logan has gotten into playing pretend right now which is SO my wheel house. (Have I ever admitted that I didn't give up imaginary friends till high school? Not a lie there.) He loves to talk, and learns new words and concepts every day. LITERALLY every day. I cant keep up with it, but I love being surprised as I watch him know new shapes and numbers.
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Enough about my darling son :) The week after Logan's b-day, so the last week of March, was a test week so on Wednesday Logan and I went to the Health Center pool with our friend Nikki to swim ALL DAY. Logan LOVED it. No fear- we would leap off the side of the pool into the deep end before we could get there to catch him, he wanted to walk into the deep end on his own- I am fairly sure it was some of the most fun he ever had.
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Then on Friday after test day we dyed eater eggs. I have been so tired, and life has been busy with people coming and going, exams  etc that we had not done much to celebrate or prepare for the new upcoming holiday and I felt a little guilty. We used to kool-air dye trick and made a huge mess :)
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On Saturday, the 30th, we went to the zoo! It was my bargaining tool with Adam- I would either use money to plan an actually party for Logan's birthday, or we could go out as a family. The zoo won of course and it was a lot more fun now that Logan knows all the animals and the sounds they make. It was still a little cold so some of the exhibits, like flamingos, weren't open, but the ones that were were AWESOME. Were talking Rhinos running around, elephants trumpeting- I think the Rhinos and the Monkeys were the days winners.
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Then of course Sunday was Easter! I think the only pictures I got were Logan digging into his basket- he has jelly beans for breakfast. (Mom of the year here.) We had a great day though- lazy morning, CRAZY church (apparently all the kids had candy for breakfast haha!) and then an amazing dinner at home. I made my first successful pot roast! And I made my moms to die for Carrot cake- Adam doesn't even like cake and he LOVES this.
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And now its April which means I have hit the- oh my gosh we move in a month! Stage. :) Box a day- see the state of my kitchen? That is where I am storing things right now. So the buisness will continue- though it wont be near as fun :( But moving and having a dishwasher will be!

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