Thursday, April 4, 2013

22 Weeks

I hit 22 weeks on Easter Sunday! Its so funny because my belly has... blossomed we shall say, much earlier this time than before. I am told that it is totally normal... but it doesn't mean I am loving it. Its warming up (which I DO love) but all my real maternity clothes are winter ones so we are looking at investing in some new t-shirts soon. At least me growing means she is growing so that's a comfort :)

This is me at 25 or so weeks with Logan (left) and then 22 weeks with Monica. Difference right? All I can say is thank goodness for prenatal Pilates otherwise I would be even larger. I think long hair helps me look slimmer as well.
 photo IMG_2776_zps3ed99994.jpg

Not that I am worried about being fat. If I was I wouldn't have had carrot cake for breakfast. :) I would just like to be LESS fat with this pregnancy than I was with Logan. I gained  A LOT with Logan. But, thanks to more salty cravings and a sicky first tri, and I am about five to ten lbs under what I was with Logan (despite the chest and belly being bigger) so yay to that.

We have been working on getting Logan ready to a be a brother- and though the idea of brother is a little past him, I am VERY grateful that he LOVES babies- and I mean loves. He also understands that there is something inside of me that has a name. Whether he gets that it is a person or not I have no idea- but he likes to pull up my shirt and wave at my tummy and say, "Hi mo-ca!" He also likes to jiggle my belly to get her to move. Though he always walks away right before she DOES kick.

When Logan was in utero he liked to chill in my love handles. Monica likes to chill down low. LOW. Meaning when she does kick I have to go to the bathroom. Every. Time. My poor battered bladder. (My kidneys who took all the damage from Logan are laughing now.)

I kinda had a freak out the other day about having a girl. Having a boy for some reason was no issue to me- I had all the normal parents scares but I felt like raising a boy was something I could do. Maybe because men have a natural body equilibrium. Women are crazy. How I am suppose to raise her to be strong, independent, but soft and feminine? How I am suppose to teach her to have dreams to WANT an education, but to understand that being a wife and mother is the best thing she can reach for?

Sometimes I just feel that so much more goes into being a girl than a guy (I am willing to admit that that may not be true but I am a little bit biased here) and thusly so much more has to go into raising a girl.

Thats all my pregnancy updates for now. Im going to go have some salt and vinegar chips and dream of england :)

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  1. I've been wanting to comment and ask for more belly pics!!! You look great. And your hair is super long. Love it. I wish mine would grow a leeeetle faster.

    I have a lot of the same fears about girls. Some part of me wants a girl but I'm scared! I think partly because I dealt with a lot of emotional issues, body image problems, depression, etc growing up...I don't know how to help her avoid that stuff. (Of course boys aren't immune to those things either.). It's hard for me to articulate exactly why I'm so nervous about having a girl. But if we ever have more children I'd definitely love a girl (and some more boys)!