Monday, March 4, 2013

The End of the Hated February

 photo IMG_2593_zps16701177.jpgComing up with titles for posts is definitely the worst thing ever. I realized this morning as I loaded pictures to the computer that I never posted about v-day, so you can catch that here along with what else we have been up too. :)
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 photo IMG_2622_zpscc14fbbb.jpg photo IMG_2601_zps3d920c10.jpgAdam is on spring break right now! Yay! Of course we only got to this point by a grueling three weeks of studying manly and womanly parts... Adam is hilarious- after this set he is SO sympathetic to the female condition. He told me last night, "I feel so bad for you. I mean... your body is ALWAYS changing." To which I had to bust up laughing and said, "Now you know why girls are nuts. We have no homeostasis  There IS no normal for us." He has also informed me that he understands why girls are so high maintenance  "You cant help it. Your PARTS are high maintenance. Its in your make-up." Love my lovey hubby :)

 photo IMG_2624_zps0f5961a6.jpg photo IMG_2612_zps4b218d61.jpgFor Valentines Day we had a little valentine box- Logan got a puppy that he now will not sleep without. Adam and Logan got Spider-man treats from my mom, and Adams mom sent treats to us that I ate all of. (Did you know they have "surprise" skittles, where they put the red flavor with a green coating? it was like- the most fun thing ever to pop a purple skittle in my mouth and taste orange.)

Logan ALSO went to his first Valentine party :) They decorated bags and valentine cookies and then exchanged cards.... Logan was more interested in playing with the buzz lightyear gun and eating the candy for the cookies... but he LOVED playing with his friends, and highly enjoyed his treats after. (SO MANY SUCKERS.)
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Adam took Logan and I to lunch at Chillis (I am finally mom enough that I know how to keep my kid happy and charming at a restaurant. Score ten for me.) And then we cuddled and watched Stranger Than Fiction that evening when Logan went to bed. It is one of our top ten favorite movies, and it is only now that we realize that we have strange tastes in movies... no one gets what we love.

 photo IMG_2662_zps593abe40.jpg photo IMG_2664_zps23ccb99e.jpgOther than that Logan and I have been trying to stay out of Adams way and beat the freezing temperatures. (I mean freezing... the highest its been in a month will be this Friday when it reaches a predicted 46. UGH.)

We baked cookies. (ignore my full sink.) Logan wanted to taste EVERY ingredient. First thing he did after I put butter in the bowl is squish it and then lick his hands. (Don't worry- I wouldn't let him taste the raw egg.)

 photo IMG_2657_zps7809e0c2.jpg photo IMG_2656_zps65cebad6.jpgWe have decided that Petco is like a tiny zoo. Logan likes to watch the dogs get "hair-cuts" tap on the mice cage, and I always have to stop him from kissing the fish tanks. He likes watching the frogs jump too. (Confession- I have always wanted a pet frog and am SO tempted to get one for Logan after we move.) Logan has been talking about this excursion all week since we have gone.

 photo IMG_2661_zps832c88bc.jpgWe went thrifting one day. Which in sucky Morgantown is hard, but I did find a gem of a place in a back alley looking area. Its not much to look at but had GREAT stuff. They also had a play area for kids. This is how I found Logan after five minutes alone.

 photo IMG_2669_zpsac8bb2c6.jpgWhen Adam was taking his tests this weekend I apparently went INSANE and bought a couple lunchables and took Logan to the park. It was 35 degrees. And of course Logan decides in freezing weather, what is more fun that playing in puddles? He lasted about 35 minutes and then we warmed up in the car. He enjoyed it though- the lunchable the most I think.
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 photo IMG_2628_zps078d1454.jpg photo IMG_2645_zpsa67f7cab.jpgWe also took apart Logans crib. I went into his room Saturday morning and found him halfway climbed out. Because I am paranoid I took the crib apart right away. Logan has actually been doing great. The first night he woke up once because he fell out and was too tired and confused to get back in :) He LOVES playing on it though. I often hear him in his room now saying Whee! As he jumps on his giant "cushion" (as he calls his mattress.) He also likes to tuck his puppies into bed :) Adorable. (And yes, he is still OBSESSED with puppies. You will catch Logan playing with cars and toy phones ans such- but animals are his true love.)

 photo IMG_2647_zpsed4bd6b8.jpgOh- and I am brunette again. The first box of "warm red" turned me Anne of Green Gables. But a second dose of normal brown fixed it. I am getting it cut this week and am SO excited. :)


  1. I love your hair! I'm planning on dyeing mine tonight. I keep swearing to myself that I'll never do it again (I've had some pretty...interesting...results with at-home dye), but it's just so FUN!

  2. You guys are so fun :) I think all men should take a womanly parts class..haha! If you decide to live on base..just be aware that they have pretty strict pet policies, take a look. Personally, I love not living on base, I probably would never leave if I did! :)

  3. Stranger Than Fiction is pretty much the best movie ever. This is why we're friends. That and you're amazing and I love you. :)