Friday, February 15, 2013


I take lots of videos of my son. Because I find him incredibly entertaining and I like to rewatch them at night. So, ignore my voice in all of these and marvel at how darling my kid is :)

This is Logan reading a book to his friend Henry who lives in Oregon.
Here is Logan doing the motions to the Wise Man and the Foolish Man.
Here is Logan and Adams new game that Logan calls "Run!"

And here is my smart laughing child.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So its been a month...

 photo IMG_2552_zps10bca908.jpg photo IMG_2569_zpsaf3b7f1d.jpgIt has been almost a month. Weird. I guess I haven't been blogging because... well nothing has been happening.

 photo IMG_2539_zps798de4f3.jpg photo IMG_2547_zpsaa613a08.jpg Adam is studying and hating life. :( Poor thing is just stressed to the max. He said one of his buddies in school gave up his multimillion dollar position in his dads business to be a doctor, and they looked at each other in class the other day and said, "Why do we want this again?" :) Adam is just looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel- end of April. Studying for boards will be easier. (And those will be done in June!)

The up side is that Adams current area of study in school is male and female parts. We both must secretly be twelve because this has brought ENDLESS hilarity into our home.

 photo IMG_2558_zps88f17090.jpg
I am writing and reading and doing nothing exciting. I did help plan a baby shower for my friend due in March so that was fun. And I am attempting to use a self tanner... results later. (If they turn out.) I have also recently reopened my obsession with grapefruit. Were talking one or two a day. LOVE grapefruit. So does Logan. Adam thinks its disgusting.
 photo IMG_2522_zps2f400731.jpg
(to the left is Logan watching HIS show- blues clues. He likes to watch it this way.)

 photo IMG_2557_zps0c591cbc.jpgI have also been having the very first experience of making our very first insurance claim. Someone backed into our car and never left a note. Sometime later Adam and I are driving down the road and we see our bumper flapping in the wind. Lovely. THANKFULLY- we are with USAA, the best people ON EARTH, and getting our car fixed has turned into the easiest, least expensive process ever.

 photo IMG_2520_zps433a2a06.jpg(we love playdough.)

Adam and I are also trying out How I Met Your Mother. It is the most awful show ever. Really, really bad. So bad I cant decide which is worse- it or Gilmore Girls. However- Adam and I have so much fun discussing how truly terrible it is that we have sort of gotten sucked into watching it...

(to the left again is Logan sad and in trouble. He puts his nose against the wall.)

 photo IMG_2525_zps7d27fdc0.jpg photo IMG_2531_zpsb2ff741c.jpgLogan, as always, is the very joy and high point in our lives. I would like to say that I cant believe at the end of March I am going to have a two year old but really... I can TOTALLY believe it. Logan is already too and just like my doc and dentist predicted- its the best EVER. He thinks everything is funny, he loves to figure out how things work, hes getting creative (he can spend a whole half hour occupied by play dough!) he is learning his "parts" (yay potty training soon), he likes to sing motion songs (the wise man and the foolish man being his favorite).

(to the right and  left and a little bit above :) is Logan pretending that the jump rope is a stethoscope. We have been having a lot of physicals lately :)

 photo IMG_2566_zps53bcac58.jpgI am just amazed, daily, by how much he learns (and grows- this is going to be one TALL kid). Logan says way over 150 words, is starting to put two and three words together, and his understanding is really progressing. When a baby cries in church Logan gets all concerned and grabs me and says, "mama, baby sad!"

(I posted a picture of Logan in one of his hidey holes above so instead enjoy one of his eating relish plain while we are at Sams Club.)

 photo IMG_2589_zps8ea44f50.jpg(For those of you who knew me in high school I caught Logan hiding in a hole the other day talking to his toys and saying, "oh sad!" Brilliant.)

(to the left is Logan vacuuming for me.) 

Logan does love to hide in holes. He often makes nests. Everywhere.

 photo IMG_2564_zps72b7671a.jpgHe is so helpful to the point he gets too much in the way :) Logan wants to put the dishes away, cook, vacuum  get my water, put away my books WHILE I am reading them, play Adams games, write my stories- funny enough putting away his toys is like- the chore to end all chores.

(to the right is Logan trying to brush my hair.)
 photo IMG_2572_zpsc29b7dc3.jpg
He still loves animals- puppies being his first love and cows for some reason the second. Babies are his third love. Logan finds babies fascinating. He points them out to me everywhere we go.

 photo IMG_2549_zps19ca61ec.jpg(he loves this picture of puppies he colored so much he carries it around the house.) 

Logan likes numbers. (he calls them num-nums.) he likes to point them out to me at the store, or in the car. He likes to make numbers with his fingers... (this love was NOT inherited by me. I hated math and numbers at ALL ages.)

(here is Logan to the left- no joke- going to sleep. Love the menagerie right?)

So all in all- despite the hell of second year medical school, and cold wintery weather- we are doing pretty darn good :) Just making sure to take stock every day of the things in our life that are important to us.

 photo IMG_2591_zpseca3de71.jpg
 photo IMG_2528_zps3534a439.jpg photo IMG_2529_zps1a2beff5.jpg