Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Checking In

I know, your thinking since its been a while that "Oh! Something super exciting must have happened in the Moecks life."

Negatory. Nothing more than the absolute everyday everyday. To tell you how mundane my life really is today I vacuumed up a raisin party Logan had on the floor, did dishes, emptied the trash, had PB and J for lunch, and have yet to put away the laundry that is covering my bed. And this has been a GOOD day for me. (Very exciting no?)

Not that I am complaining. Really I'm not. The everyday of the everyday is pretty darn awesome in my life. I wake up around 7:30 to my son's new habit of yelling, "Mom! I see you!" Yes, he says that even if he CANT see you. But, if he actually CAN see you, he then follows it with a hilarious "Boo!" and then bursts into giggles. Awesome way to wake up I can assure you.

Adam is well into school. He already had a presentation today and has an exam next week. Someone told us that all we have to do it get through the next six months- that from now until June when his boards are over should be the worst of our lives. Joy. BUT- there is real joy in getting to look forward to it being over. If  being a mom has taught me anything its that time goes by fast.

Adam has been a trouper though- he eats lunch with me every day, and watches at least one episode of White Collar with me every night. (We just started it and we LOVE it.) He even let me help him with his presentation- I got to organize all of his disorganized but brilliant thoughts. Made me feel awesome cuz there is nothing much a BA in English can do to help an MD hopeful.

Logan had taken into getting into my food storage. He likes to grab plastic containers of sugar or mac and cheese boxes and use them as maracas. He also likes to dance to 90's music and rock, finds country music hilarious, and likes the Mail Time song in Blues Clues the best. (Adam and I have a secret love for Blues Clues.)

One thing that impresses me about Logan is his speech- not really so much that he can say a lot, but what he does say is getting more clear. For instance half of what he says you would understand too :) (The other half is really only comprehensible by Adam and I.) One thing I find hilarious about Logan's speech is that he has a hard time with R's. So often times he comes off sounding like a New York gangster. For instance Stickers are "Stickas" and his Spiderman Shoes are "Spida shoes." Yet he can say raisins... (He calls them "rasies." Adorable.)

For me? I try to get one chore done a day- be it dishes, or laundry, or cleaning out Logan's toy bin. (Some how he seems to collect junk in there WEEKLY.) I am trying to cook more, and read more for that matter. I have a goal this year to read all the books that were on Wishbone. There are 46 of them. I actually haven't started on that list yet... I am still finishing with my Tamora Pierce obsession. One and a half books to go.

Currently writing (always am), but not crafting. Mostly because even though I want to, I know that we are moving in May (we have an actual date now- Monday May 6) and I just cant bring myself to start a project when I feel like I should be packing. Yes, I am a crazy person and have started packing. I do that.

See what I mean? A good life. Even Adam who feels the stress of all stress usually says when he crawls into bed at night, "Man, I am SO glad I am in med school." Then we spend a half hour talking about how great our son is. Because he IS awesome. Being a mom, even on the bad days mind you, is the BEST thing to ever happen to me. The hours I gave up at work and in higher education to stay at home and vacuum cheerios meticulously placed into the cracks of the couch and in the toes of my shoes, are the best hours I have ever given up. So great they don't even feel like a sacrifice.

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  1. So glad you guys are doing so well! You have such a good attitude. And I LOVE White Collar with an undying passion...but NO ONE else I know watches it. I'm so glad you guys enjoy it.

    (and I'm soooo sorry I haven't gotten back to you about your story yet! Things got crazy around holiday time, of course, and I've been trying to get back into a routine now that school's started again--yes, it's taking me a few weeks...but I love it [it being your story, not my routine] so far! I already kind of knew you were a talented writer but DANG girl.). :)