Sunday, January 20, 2013


Adam and I have been watching White Collar- and yes for those of you wondering- loving it. We finished season 2 tonight and got launched into a fun conversation about these amazingly wealthy people and what they spend their money on- what in the world makes these works of art worth what they are.

That is the funny and complicated thing about any form of art- I will admit that there is a lot of art that I hate, that I just do not get. But if someone told me, sincerely, that the piece touched them (I mean for reals- not in a I want to be cool hipster way) then I think I would understand.

Value is such a crazy thing to put on any art. I mean, my little brother would spend HUNDREDS to meet certain musical stars that I couldn't even care to listen too. However, if Adam and I ever get rich enough there is no amount of money I would spare to hug Barbara Streisand. Because I love her. Because her music, her voice, touches me and moves me.

And that is what I love about all art- all writing, all art art, music, architecture- because there is no right or wrong. I know that is what a lot of people hate about it. I know a lot of religious people hate this idea too because in an awful way it can condone pornography. (There is a difference and you can tell when you get there.)   

I was telling Adam that there is one piece of art that I could see myself spending almost a million on. I showed it to him, warning him he would not get it, and Adam to his credit shrugged his shoulders. He saw the artistic value, and the historical- but he didn't get why I would place such a value on such a picture.

That is the point of any piece of art. To touch you in a way that you cannot be touched physically. It is suppose to evoke your emotion. The artist can try to have as much control of what you feel as they can but in the end- they have no part between your reaction to their work and yourself. Art in any form is for the viewer as much as it is the creator.

This is my painting. There is something about it that has touched me since I was 16 and has continued to do so. I would spend a million for this original. To be able to look at the artistic brush strokes and imagine what he was thinking, what he was feeling as he painted this incredibly romantic pair.

I feel that way about a lot of things people do not get. Barbara, the Brontes, Gone with the Wind, Tiffani Amber Thessian, Burberry. Adam feels this way about Linkin Park, Dostoevsky, his brothers art...

It touches you in a way nothing else can. That's why the Lord created artistic abilities. So we could be touched.

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  1. Oh love, I totally understand what you mean. I about passed out when one of my (ex) boyfriends called The David pornography. Yes, it's a naked statue, but it far from being porn. :) I was at the Liverpool Museum of Art one p-day on the miss and had a piece completely touch me--It's call "Sense of Sight" and I felt it completely captured in some brilliant way my first genuine encounter with God. I would love to spend a billion dollars on it one day. For now, I will love it from a distance: