Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Let Them Be Little

Whether good or not... I am not one of those mom's that is slowly aware of her child changing. It all hits me in a day like today when I look at my son hugging my husband from behind and I realize with a shock that he is a PERSON. He talks, he has loves, passions- for heavens sakes he tells his own jokes and laughs at them.

When Adam and I realize that our son is suddenly three feet tall (yeah, we are there) or that he now can plug in lights, turn on and choose his own apps on our phones it kind of makes us rethink our parenting. We sit down and go, wow. Okay hes human. What should we be teaching a human?

There is a lot of that going on the Moeck household right now. We have added scheduled clean-up into our day to day life, and we have added a more permanent punishment system seeing as Logan can now deliberately not listen to us. (Surprisingly that is Adam's pet peeve and not mine.)

Believe it or not things go quite well. After his two minute time out with his nose against the wall Logan always tearfully agrees to do what we say with a DARLING "o-tay." HE then doles out the hugs and kisses, to reassure himself that he is still loved. And really he will not redo whatever naughty thing he did for at least an afternoon. Pretty good for a not even two year old.

He cleans up well with the promise of a Wishbone episode afterwards. (That may backfire on us- he picked up his blocks this afternoon of his own volition than ran to my computer and reached for my mouse and started barking- because he thought he deserved a show. And yes, I let him watch it.)

Needless to say, child rearing and teaching has REALLY been on my mind lately. I am terrified that Logan should know his letters and his numbers or some colors and shapes by now. (Circle is all he knows of any of those- and he calls circles balls.)

Tonight as I was reveling in a quiet house, reading an excellent new book, there was a line in there that hit me so strong it made me cry. The woman was deriding a man for trying to grow plants out of season- she was saying they needed a season to "rest." She then said something along the lines of, he treats them like some parents treat a child's favorite blanket- like something that needs to be taken away when really there is no reason for it.

Logan has a puppy and a blanket that he cant sleep without. Maybe that's why it hit me so hard. But it was a reminder to me- one that I am unhappily realizing that I need often- that while teaching Logan there are things he cannot do and touch, and that temper tantrums do not resolve happily- that I need to remember that my son is two.

I understand moms now when they say to their strapping 18 year old boys that they will ALWAYS be their babies. It seems so corny but- its so true. Logan will always be this happy, loving, laughing fat cheeked baby that used to fall asleep in my arms for hours.

I guess I am saying that as much as I worry about making sure he can recognize a picture of Christ and sing his ABC's, I also need to let him keep whatever tinyness is left in him because before long he'll grow out of all that and the only thing left to remind me of that will be his fat cheeks. (Which if he really did inherit those from me, he will be STUCK with them for life.)

For as far as I am concerned he can take his baby blanket to college with him. My roommate did and I never laughed at her.

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