Saturday, December 8, 2012

Its December!

Well its been a while since I have updated this. Sufficeth to say- we have been busy :)

1. Nanowrimo got interrupted for be due to a weeks vacation in TN for thanksgiving. Still, I got a lot more done on my book than I thought and am pretty happy. Now just to finish the endless editing to the others. The goal is to get that done before Adam does on break.

2. We went to TN for a week for Thanksgiving! (And had food poising the days before we left- that part was no fun.) We saw Adams parents, his sister and her kids, and Adams best friends from childhood. There was a lot of eating and shopping and playing with cousins. We had fun :)

3. Adam is in the throes of finals- his last one is next Friday and then he gets a whole two and a half weeks off for Christmas! We are going to stay here in WV and have our own little cerebration- very happy about this. I already have gifts bought, pictures taken, and our "tree" up.

4. Logan had his 18 mo appt 2 months late :) He is almost 21 months now! He weighs 23 and a half pounds, and is 3 feet tall! He loves to unplug and replug things, drain the tub, ask for treats, play with dad and still LOVES puppies. Wishbone is Mommies new quiet activity :) He LOVES nursery and will run there on his own. He still proves to be the sweetest and funniest kid on the face of this planet.

5. Adam got called as the Elders Quorum secretary! He is a little intimidated by it, but luckily is working with some of the best guys in the ward and will thoroughly enjoy himself.

6. We have playgroup each week, weekly diet coke dates with our friend Nikki, double dates with friends, girls dates, ward parties, ornament exchanges... there is no limit to the amount of activities going on! Still  we enjoy play time, TV time, and family time!

Yay! We're cute and fun! :)

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