Monday, December 17, 2012


I think sometimes when I say that a super hero movie REALLY bit the dust, people roll their eyes at me and think, "Sure, your a super hero affinato."

Really I'm not. Adam is- he's read them all. Me? None. (Okay, I've read parts of few... really only the romance parts between Rouge and Gambit because I LOVE them.) Adam can't STAND any of the first three X-Men movies. Me? I love them.

When it comes to a movie, any movie or book for that matter, what REALLY gets me is when there are plot/story inconstancy's.

For instance. The New Spiderman movie. It SUCKS hard. For lots of reasons but mostly because if you watch it the story is all over. Want an example? Warning- spoiler ahead.

At the end Spiderman is falling down a building and Curt Conners has to reach out and save him.

Does this not ruin the movie for anyone else?

HE IS SPIDERMAN. How many times have we watched him SCALE buildings? Him falling down a building is no big deal- HE IS A SPIDER.

So irritating. Poor writing. Poor direction probably too.

This also happens to be why Adam and I do not like the last Batman movie either. The first two? We own them on blueray. The last? LOTS of inconstancy's with the daughter of Al Gual. Watch it again. Or maybe don't if you really do think you like it :)

Before you think we are watching these movies with the wrong critics cap, let me tell you that we LOVE the Wolverine movie, we love the Avengers, we liked Captain America... Adam and I enjoy movies, and they don't all have to be as thought provoking and the Machiniast. (GOOD movie- especially if you like Russian Literature.) Heck, one of Adams all time favorite movies is The Emperors New Groove.

I guess I am just irritated that I wasted a 1.30 on such a BAD movie. (AKA the new spiderman.) I guess I miss lots of really well done, world class movie- cartoons, super hero themed, romance- all the above. Instead of a couple hits a year we are lucky now if there is one. Because of this Adam and I clock in maybe one a show year at the theater  (Although in 2013 we'll have two at the beginning- very excited about Lincoln and Les Miserables.)

And just in case you think we are snobby movie goers... I will admit to you that I will probably force SOMEONE to go with me to see Guilt Trip. It looks lame yes, but Barbara Streisand stars in it. And she is my idol so.... yeah will have to see it.

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