Friday, December 28, 2012

Breaks, Christmas, and Bedroom Run-overs

Its been kinda funny because the last few weeks of our December have been a SHARP contrast to the first- in a much better way :) Our first few weeks of December were rough- Adam had a huge micro final right before the break and was studying ridiculous amounts, and stressed even more. One of the bad parts of Adam and I being so close to one another is that we kinda internalize the others emotions... so Adam being stressed puts me on edge.

However, finals ended and Adam found out a few days later that he got an 85 or higher on every test (which for med school is pretty darn good :) and we were able to have, and have been having, the most RELAXING of breaks; thoroughly taking advantage of Adams 2 and a half weeks off by doing... get ready for it... nothing at all :)

Okay, we did go out once to see Santa at the mall. Logan wasn't really sure about it (he kept on asking us to pick him up) but then Santa gave him a candy cane and he was all for him :)

Adam is playing through a cache of video games and catching up on some personal reading. I have read through... four books so far? I think I'm on my fifth... and Logan has just been delightful- playing, cuddling. Its been great.

We had two GREAT days of snow right before Christmas. Logan wasn't sure about it at first but once we got him bundled and let him sled on a garbage can lid (childhood memories right?) He thought it was basically the most fun thing in the world. When he wakes up now the first thing he asks for is "pretty" (he wants to plug in our Christmas lights in the living room) and then "snow"! Because he is hoping there will be snow outside :)

Because Logan does love Christmas lights so much, on Christmas eve, after eating our huge feast and taking a bath, we went to drive around neighborhoods and look at lights. Between eating his popcorn Logan kept on pointing out the window and saying- "Pretty Pretty!" Adam tried to teach him the word "Tacky" but it didn't catch on. This picture does not do this particular house justice- it was covered roof to mailbox, in lights.

Then on Christmas morning Adam and I sat up in bed until we heard Logan stir :) and I videotaped him coming into the living-room.

He was really into opening gifts this year- loved it all. And all his gifts I might add- makes me feel a lot better about spending money on him when he really plays with everything hard.

We had orange rolls and apple turnover for breakfast, leftovers for dinner, and never got dressed :) Awesome day.

On the 26th we did a massive pickup day because we had been so neglecting everything- lots of dishes and laundry. But nice to get the house in order.

On the 27th, Adam and I were peacefully asleep in our beds when we were awoken by the most massive impact through the wall of our room that our heads were against. We both thought it was an earthquake but then we felt cold air rushing in from the wall next to me and saw headlights through our wall FROM OUTSIDE. (The pillow in the picture? That's where my HEAD was.)

I rushed to Logan's room to make sure he was okay (shows what kind of mom I am that instead of just running in there I very carefully opened the door and snuck a peak. He was fine by the way. Sleeping with his little bum in the air.)

Adam was throwing on clothes and rushing outside while I searched for glasses and clothes and called 911. We had gotten some freezing rain the night before, and one of our apartments maintenance guys had been coming down the hill that morning (7:30) to salt the roads when he lost control of his truck and instead of turning like he should have, drove right over the curb and straight into our bedroom wall.

Everyone was just fine- the worst damage was that I had gotten nailed in the head from a falling picture frame but I wasn't even that hurt. (Actually the worst damage was when I went outside to meet Adam, I didn't know there was ice on the ground and totally biffed it and messed up mY elbow.) From the outside it doesn't look so bad, but the truck was actually wedged into the wall and they had to chain it to another truck- like how you would pull a big tree stump from the ground?- to get it out.

Adam and I were seriously shaken. Truly the scariest experience of our lives to almost get run over in our beds while we were sleeping. We were told multiple times that day that if the guy had been going even five miles faster the wall wouldn't have caught his truck and he would have been IN our room, and Adam and I would probably have been in the hospital. Blessings right?

Adam and I talked to our manager about switching apartments but they had nothing open. We considered moving into a whole new complex, but we are moving in May anyway and moving twice in six months was too much for our brains to handle. So... we moved the head of our bed to the wall that DOESN'T face the outside. I was actually surprised last night how much I DIDN'T want to go in our room- it makes both Adam and I a little nervous now.

But- the wall was mostly fixed that day. At least dry walled and insulated  We will still have maintenance guys coming and going until the end of next week to finish the mudding and painting, but it could be a lot worse. Quite the harrowing experience though right? :)

Anyway- very exciting month for the Moecks :) Our first Christmas on our own... our first car wreck... :) Hoping your was as relaxing and maybe a little less exciting.

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