Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Today I did four loads of laundry. As I as pulling our clothes from the washer for the dryer, I checked the washer for extra tiny socks and what I found was two Halloween stickers and a handful of pebbles.

I MAY be the mom of a 19 month old boy.

Who knows.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Some of you are probably looking at the title of this post, tilting your head side ways then whispering to yourself, "Oh, I bet its albanian."

NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month. Aka November. Also known as Never Shave or No Shave or something like that. (Every month with the exception of August is no shave month in our household. I am ashamed to admit for me as well as Adam.)

I have known about this auspicious online literary event for years and have never participated. However, for some reason several people close to me have actually mentioned that they are doing it. (The idea is to write 50,000 words in a month. Or 2000 a day. Which is funny to me because the average YA book is 80,000, and an adult is around 100,000 So 50,000 is quite short for novel but that's not here nor there.)

October for me was like editing hell. (I took a break halfway through haha!) I have two books that need serious editing to I can FINALLY start looking for agents for them, then a third right after that. However, on the table (besides the three that need work) and two novels ideas (one is a sequel to the above mentioned) that I have been REALLY wanting to work on, but feel guilty every time I do because why am I not editing what I have already written?

This is my way of saying that hey, guess what? I am going to go NaNoWriMo. (I have heard that December is suppose to be national editing month so I can get to all my books then right?) Technically I am 8,000 words behind. BUT- the book that I want to work on, and have on and off been writing scenes for the past two weeks is currently 10,000 words. Maybe it is massively cheating but I already went ahead and put that down as my word count. (I wrote MOST of it in November.)

You know what? I am secretly really excited about this. I've already been wasting time by reading around on forums and have laughed A LOT. There is something about loving to write, and talking (or writing) to others about loving to write- the joys, the funnies, the annoyances thereof.

Writers are kind of like treckies- we're our own distinct weird group that no one else quite gets but we think we are pretty darn awesome. I kind of feel like I am Leonard Hofstadter and am desperately seeking my Sheldon. (Although I may be part Sheldon because I DO have a spot and whereas I would let penny sit there- I would NEVER let Howard.)

Anyways. Too much Big Bang. Yay to NaNoWriMo!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween, Hurricanes, and Anniversaries

Despite our general hatred of the holiday, we had a FUN Halloween in the Moeck household. There was pumpkin carving (Logan SCREAMED when I tried to make him touch the gunk inside- like father like son right?), play-dough playing and painting. (thank you pinterest.)

On the 24th of October our ward did their trunk or treat. Logan liked the indoor game playing, and the outdoor candy getting, but did not enjoy the spookiness of the decorated cars. Apparently like his parents before him, Logan does not like the scary aspect of Halloween. He was a DARLING puppy though :)

At the end of October, before real Halloween, we got our share of Hurricane Sandy with some thick wet, northwest like snow. Luckily, we were with power the whole time, though there were some in our area without it for almost a week. We were truly blessed. Adam and I spent the days inside by watching the extended versions of Lord of the Rings. 12 hours of nerdy goodness.

On actual Halloween we just had a fun day at home. Logan wore his puppy costume all day, we had pumpkin pizza, and played a hide and seek game with candy where Logan got to smash Styrofoam bowls. Once he figured out some of them had suckers in them he was VERY into it :)

And today, November the 6th, Adam and I celebrated out sixth wedding anniversary. I would love to have something super witty to say to counteract all the corniness associated with such a milestone but really- it all comes down to the fact that Adam and I have been best friends now for eight years, living together for five, and still at one am we say, "okay, we have to sleep now." Roll around to three am and and we are laughing and yelling, "now I really have to sleep!" I am so incredibly lucky to have such a friend to love. Yay for us and our darling corny love :)Photobucket