Saturday, October 20, 2012


Logan and I were sitting on the couch taking pictures of each other and I was going through them afterwards (you know, deleting ones of just his nose) and realized there were a TON of photos (and AKA things) we had done that I had not shared!

Logan and I have been trying to keep up with our goal of doing a Halloween activity every day. We HAVE been thrown off by Logan being sick (for a whole week poor man- check out the no voice video bellow- so funny) and Adams exams and two days of Halloween costume making.

BUT, we have managed to have some fun. We made Halloween noise makers, "booed" some friends from church, shared fall harvest apples with friends, made ghost decorations with our feet, read Halloween books, watched Halloween Mickey Mouse cartoons, have gone on more walks, made LOTS of treats... its been a party really :)
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For one of our fall activities we also had a chance to go to the Springs Festival. Sort of like a fall, vendor, extravaganza in Maryland. We went with a couple of friends and had an AWESOME time. Logan loved playing in the rain, meeting real animals, and watching people make apple butter. I enjoyed carnival style kettle corn and getting some adorable home made Christmas gifts for people.

Adam has been a studying fool. But its paying off- he's done great on all of his exams and I am so darn proud of him! He and Logan have each other wrapped around their fingers. They are so in love its adorable. And I am woman enough to admit that I am a little jealous.

Besides making Halloween costumes :) I have been writing A LOT. I had the GREATEST opportunity to go to a writers conference in Charleston a weekend ago, and got to sit in on Q and A's with Charlene Harris and Tamora Pierce which was amazing. Tamora not only told me I had a pretty face, but shook my hand, and signed my book. :) I got some great advice from the both of them on publishing which was just what I wanted. It was a long drive to take on my own, and Adam was a saint for watching Logan on one of his only real days off, but I think they had just as much fun together as I did on my own :)

Logan is darling. I doubt he stops moving in his sleep. Makes it hard to clean I tell you. He wants to be friends with everyone (Adam told me he has seen Logan trying to kiss all the kids in Nursery) and do everything everyone else does. He has actually screamed because he cant drive and has to sit in his car seat  (And for the record I have never done anything to let him think he COULD drive.) Besides being sick he has ushered in FOUR new teeth (yay!) and learns new words every day. His directions he is best at- all day I hear, in, out, up, down!

As a family we have been trying more new and healthy foods (hello to my first homemade lasagna and LOTS more black bean brownies.) We have been going on walks, reading comics, and re-watching some old lame Hercules show (live action) that apparently Adam loved as a kid and is currently the only show Logan will through for more than a half hour. (the show really is lame- but also SO darn hilarious its totally worth watching.) Basically there is just a lot of sitting back, laughing, and relaxing.
(We have the best family ever.)

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  1. I love to read your updates! Although I must admit I am terrible at commenting I wanted to know I read ALL your posts. :)