Friday, September 21, 2012


You- not Adam, not Logan (though I do love them desperately) but YOU!!! Your last comments to my Hummus post, and an amazing blog post by my friend Heather who is the most honest and hilarious person EVER, totally brought around what I have been thinking about.

I have been blessed and cursed in life. My husband and son are the BEST people on the planet. (Blessing.) They also have metabolisms like a fetus. They are the few, the proud, the LEAN who at 26 can sit and study ALL day, and eat chocolate and cool aid ALL day, and LOOSE weight. Yes that's right, I said loose weight. My doctor has actually REQUESTED of me to keep Logan on fruit juice. This is NOT a joke. (I hate them. A little.)

I am not so. If I don't want my yummys to go to the boobs... or the butt... or the waist... or my face.... I have to be physical. Or skip the yummies.

Which is why I try to make the yummies- healthier. Aka- substitute applesauce for oil. Egg whites not eggs. Eat pudding not ice cream. Dark chocolate instead of milk. Homemade chips instead of store bought. Brownies made with black beans- I just made them today with this recipe and they are TO DIE FOR. Really. (I used 2 eggs and 1 egg white instead of the 3 eggs, and 1 tbsp of oil with  tbsp of apple sauce instead of the 3 tbsp of oil.)

Does anyone feel like that there is this HUGE gap in being healthy, and being a mom/ working person/ student? I do. I need healthy meals. I need tasty meals. I need fast meals. I need cheap meals. Those four things do not combine all the time and sometimes it is tiring to try to make them.

I do my best. We eat all low fat cheese and butter and yogurt and milks and meats. We use turkey and beans and chicken instead of any red meat. (Hello- when did turkey get CHEAPER than beef?) I use almost all whole grains- no white in our house. (the exception? We go half and half with pasta and rice because Adam doesn't like the brown stuff, but he'll handle a half and half.)

When it comes to being SERIOUSLY cheap and healthy- the best I am is that I make my own bread and pretzels. I am not one to tout organic products. They are just TOO expensive for me to buy right now. Maybe in some places they aren't- but here in WV they are. (In fact, the most organic I go is my conditioner. And its not cheap :)

If you took a look in my freezer right now you would see that the door is all frozen fruits and veggies. Yum, healthy, fast when needed. You would see a loaf of multigrain bread that I got on sale for .99, whole grain waffles, frozen chicken breasts, veggie burgers, whole grain hamburger buns.

And frozen chicken nuggets, tatter tots, toaster struddles, juice concentrate, sweet potato fries, and two pints of ice cream.

Oh and my ice trays.

Simply saying- I do my best. I shop the sales. I buy in bulk when I can. I DO cook at home. But sometimes I am tired. Or Logan is working my nerve. Or Adam looks at my new dinner creation with the same look he gives when he smells Logan's dirty diapers. That's when its nice to have frozen chicken nuggets.

Your right. They are unhealthy. There is probably little nutritional value. They are probably loaded with preservatives. But one night a week? Here is my dirty secret folks.

I dont care.

If my body wants to stay perfectly preserved for years after I pass on what do I care? I'm dead.

If a quick meal means I am going to die at 75 instead of 80- I'll take my chances. (My grandpa is almost 100- I DO NOT want to get that old. If I am getting close- take me outside and shoot me dead.)

I will experiment. I am not afraid of trying new things. If I was I wouldn't have discovered that I love sesame oil, or black beans, or squash (oh yum squash), or caraway seeds. But I am not going to slave for hours over a meal that is not Thanksgiving. If my son AND husband both refuse to eat my new experiment I am not making it again no matter how healthy and natural it is.

I will not suffer through eating. It would be like forcing myself to read Faulkner and Dickens. No one deserves that punishment.

Eating should be like reading Harry Potter. One of the best parts of my day.

So any more advice you have for eating healthy and cheap for people on the go- let me hear them. (Totally excited to try tofu like heather says and making sweet potato chips like Alison suggested. LOVE sweet potatoes.)


  1. I have another site for you... lately I haven't been able/wanted to cook so I ashamedly am NOT eating as healthy as I used to..BUT, your talk of chicken nuggets reminded me of this site
    cornflake chicken tenders. I use corn chex...because we get 'em on WIC :) (you'd think being in the military we'd make enough not to be on it) They are AWESOME..I know it uses a lot of butter, but you can try to use plain yogurt for your liquid instead, I've done it before with chicken parm. :) These are great for the freezer! Don't be afraid to double or quadruple this :) mmmm

  2. i loved every part of this post. especially "I do NOT want to get that old. If i am getting close--take me outside and shoot me."

    i literally laughed out loud.

    i keep going through cycles. i'll get all psyched to cook healthier meals, and i'll really try hard for a while, and then i'll get burnt out--burnt out from putting a bunch of work into meals that get eaten only about 1/5 of a time. (i remember one time when i spent what felt like all day cooking the different components of this meal, and no one liked it. made me never want to cook again.)

    my other favorite part was "eating should be like reading harry potter". that's a perfect analogy.

    i hope you like the tofu! my best tofu advice--don't expect it to BE meat. it's not chicken or eggs or anything else--it's tofu. but it can still be delicious.

    it's like comparing a bean burger to a real hamburger. of course it's not going to taste the same! one is made with beef and one is made with beans! but a good bean burger is awesome in its own right.

    also, i've been wanting to try black bean brownies for ages but i still haven't made them. i'm going to try them soon.