Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Got The Hummus

(If you guess what that line is from you get one million dollars :)

Sometimes eating healthy is boring.

There is a line from a Savage Garden song that I LOVE that says- I believe that junk food tastes so good because its bad for you.

You know what I believe? I believe that same thing about healthy food- that because its good for you, a lot of the times it is just BLAH.

But I have been really super hard trying this week to be healthy. Not all crazy organic and stuff just- not so many cookies and graham crackers. I have said before that I am trying to be more healthy but guess what? Its impossible to force it on yourself- you have to really want it, and I haven't really wanted it until the week of my birthday.

That is when I realized, after a great talk with my mum, that I cant keep putting my life on hold waiting for a baby. I need to get as healthy as I used to be. I need to enjoy the son I have while he is as little as he is. I need to write and love my life.

So this week when I went grocery shopping I didn't buy anything that was white. I stocked up on lean turkey and cheese and some fat free coco and pop corn for late night snack attacks. (They happen- I'd rather be prepared :)

I have felt AWESOME. Really. I know I look no different  but even by Wednesday morning, my three workouts and days of healthy eating just made me feel more alert and, well... happy. The only thing that stinks at all is that sometimes healthy food is BLAH.

I have been trying to combat this all day (and my deep radiating desire for something rich- I think black bean brownies may make the dessert menu tonight) and breakfast was a disaster. So, tired, for lunch I sliced up a cucumber, grabbed some whole grain tositos chips (which are healthy mind you) and a tub of Hummus, ready for another disappointing meal.


Why, why had I forgotten that Hummus is like- dieters ambrosia? That is is SO yummy, and SO healthy and filling and just um.

I enjoyed my meal so much that I gave Adam the stink eye when he tried to share it with me.

And I might just make Adam have cereal for dinner so I can have more hummus. Hummus, hummus, hummus.

Now the new top thing on my list of How to Become an Awesome Person is to make my OWN hummus. I might have to drive the whole hour into Pittsburgh though to find a place that sells Tahini.


  1. We are hummus lovers too in this household. So so good!! i've made hummus without tahini. I just used olive oil. And it still taste amazing!

  2. I have an AWESOME hummus recipe (no tahini)! And the best part, you can change it around to add what you like! :) I'll email it to you as soon as we move into our house (this weekend) It's packed up for the moment. Also, if you haven't been on check it out, it isn't a go-to healthy site, but it has great recipes, I haven't had one I've disliked. EVER. Today they have a recipe for sweet potato chips..HEALTHY! I know I'll have to make those soon. Another one I've recently discovered is, I haven't tried much but so far so good. (fried rice is yum!) Love you and thinking of you!

  3. If you issue is lack of YUM, try Hungry Girl! Everything is yum. And it is normal foods, that is my challange with the kiddos. And they always love it!