Friday, September 14, 2012


Guess what? Yes its that time again. Its my birthday. People have been asking me all day if I feel old and the answer really is- yes I do. Now, I know I am only 26 and that I am a total baby. Mentally I know this. I think what makes me feel old is that now when people say, "Your closer to 30 than 20" its actually TRUE.

But, what makes me feel better is seeing what I have done in 26 years. I am aging but I am not wasting my time. I have traveled, I have graduated college with a degree, I have held several upper level jobs and did well in them. I am very happily married, I have a child and LOVE being a mom, I am not fat, and I have written several books. (I don't care if they are not published- writing them in the first step.) 26 years? Success at life :)

Being 26 also means I have added to my truths for living life list and I am going to re-post it here like I do every year for everyone to see. :)

What I’ve Learned
26 Truths for Living Life
1. When you’re learning how to walk, the standing back up part is important.
2. The most important word is not I or mine.
3. Potty training is hard
4. Always, always ask why
5. Don’t pick California poppies in California
6. Daisies are always free
7. When faced with the choice of getting to keep a toy that you want, and getting to say good bye to a friend you may never see again, always give up the Barbie for the chance to say good-bye.
8. Have faith.
9. Always have an imagination and always use it.
10. Barney is not as cool as you once thought.
11. Write-always write.
12. Work hard for yourself- not for your teachers or for your parents- but just for you.
13. Love your family.  Someday they will be all that you have left.
14. Learn who you are, love who you are, be who you are.
15. Fall in love.
16. Dance the way you do when no one is watching.
17. People don’t die. They take a long vacation and go visit God.   
18. You don’t know everything. In fact, you don’t know much at all. What you do know though, is that the only way to live is with God and His son, because it is then that you find joy. 
19. Someday someone will make you realize that you can hold the world.  And even if he ends up hurting you, you’ll know that every tear will be worth it because your love was real.  Because it was when you loved him that you found yourself closest to God. 
20. Learn how to live by yourself and love being alone. It will be very lonesome for quite some time but when it gets really bad, the Lord will send you a friend who will make the loneliness more tolerable.
21. Sometimes you loose sight of who you are. When this happens the best remedy is to just take off you clothes and jump into the water.
22. Love is not hard. Situations may be hard. Creating romance may be hard. But love itself, is very easy.
23. Do not let anyone or anything tell you to hurry. This is YOUR time. You need to live life, not be life.
24. Patience is a virtue that if you don't garner naturally, it will be forced upon you.
25. You MUST trust yourself- you know who you are. Now have FAITH in that person.
26. Be flexible. As much as you would like to think you are in control you are not- the Lord is. But have no fear- he is a much better manager than you are. And dont forget to write.

I was actually having a hard time picking between two things I have learned this year but this one is really the biggest. My miscarriage taught me this. Getting pregnant in December was unexpected and NOT in my plan, then loosing the baby was not in my plan, and then not being able to get pregnant was also not in my plan.

I am an organized person- I like having a plan, a schedule. I like knowing what is coming. And this year I have really realized while having an idea of what I want out of life is good- I have to be flexible because things will not happen on the time table I want. But if I have faith and follow the Lords plan things will be better in the end anyway. That is what I am trying to do.

Also, writing for me this year has been AWESOME. We're talking finishing books right and left. The true cure for depression is the written word. I feel SO bad for those of you that dont have this outlet. I love my writing. I love the books I have written. I love that it taxes me and frustrates me and makes me learn. I love rereading what I have written and having that totally full of myself feeling and knowing like Chaucer in a Knights Tale said- Man I'm Good :)


  1. i love your birthday posts! such a cool idea. you have any writing tips? i'm going to try to start writing every day, maybe using some prompts (maybe not) just to get things flowing. i love to write but i have an awful time figuring out plots or good ideas, but it seems you have tons of them. inspiration help would be much appreciated. :) i don't have any lofty goals of getting published right now, i'd just like to have a story i'm excited about to work on.

  2. Sarah, potty training is hard but teaching your kid to wipe is even harder!