Monday, August 20, 2012

Post of Hilariousness

This morning Logan and I took the very short walk to the laundry room connected to our apartment building. Logan LOVES this walk because he gets to go down stairs, push around the laundry cart, and find awesome rocks.

So of course, when we made it back into our apartment Logan had a said rock of awesomness and we went and sat in the rocking chair in his room to play with it while we waited for Adam to be ready for us to take him to school.

Logan accidentaly drops the rock. Down my shirt. And of course since I am large busted the rock is perfectly hidden and Logan searches for about a minute for his precious stone totally confused as to where it went. He got as close as lifting up my shirt but when that happened I finally fished the rock out for him.

Logan watches me and is FASCINATED at this new hiding spot. He pulls down the neck of my shirt and for the next... probably five minutes, he has the time of his life dropping his rock between my breasts, watching it "disappear" and then finding it again.

I really don't know what this is suppose to mean or what I am suppose to do about his new found boob obsession. Its not like its a gross thing- in fact what is under my shirt is now to Logan the coolest toy EVER.

You little ladies never have to deal with this do you? You are so blessed. Not saying I hate my chest- in fact if I am honest I rather love it. But there is something to be said for being able to go braless and have no one notice.

Anyways, care of me and my son this morning, ladies enjoy your chest :) Big or Little.


  1. Haha! That is pretty funny. I'm nursing our 2nd baby, and he's 10 months old so this has been happening for a while, but just in the past few days our older boy Dallin has been really fascinated by how the baby eats. He keeps putting his face really close and wanting to try it too. Boys will always love boobs.

  2. haha, awesome! And no worries, Madi does it/did it too (not that I have much to speak of)..she also like to tell me to put a bra on if I'm not wearing one (not often!) because my "boobs are falling down"

  3. William has always been fascinated with my bra. When I'd put it on he'd pinch my boob because it felt different with a bra on. haha. It was terribly embarrassing when he would pinch me in public especially since no one understood that he was trying to feel the bra and not my boob. Boys are so funny! Thankfully he doesn't pinch me anymore but he definitely is still very interested in my bra. :) Logan is adorable! I think it is so fun that he found a new hiding place. Just hopefully he stays out of it at church. haha