Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Seventeen Months

I am almost a year and a half! I am old enough that my mommy gets tired of people asking her how old I am because she has to think about it. (All day today at the store she just told people I was a year and a half even though I am only seventeen months.)

I am sorry I didn't update you about my super exciting baby life over the summer but I was SUPER busy in Oregon with my grandma and uncle alex, and visiting people in Utah, and then spending as much time as I could with my best friend Henry.

The summer marked a couple of land marks though- my first childhood illnesses (hand foot and mouth AND a double ear infection) and my first trip to the emergency room since I was born (because of the ear infection). I HATED the emergency room, and the blisters from hand foot and mouth hurt my feet when they popped so I REALLY liked to play in the grass and in the pool during that.

I still LOVE water. Bath time is fun when I can dump water all over and into different containers. I like going to the pool now that we are home. I like to leap off the edge into mommy's arms and then have her hold me on my tummy so I can kick around.

I am ALL OVER now! I not only walk but run and dance and climb. I am so good at climbing that I can stack boxes on top of each other to get to whatever I want! Mommy has realized that if she just makes me a part of everything she does that I actually get into less. Like when she sews now instead of kicking me out of the kitchen she locks the cupboards with hair ties and lets me stand right next to her and watch her sewing machine.
I talk a little more now too. I say hi, mama, daddy, puppy, wawa (water) and sometimes I say up, book, and cup. I am also learning bottle (for when I steal mommys water bottle.) I REALLY like to bark like a dog and vroom like a car. I am really good at doing that.

I am really good at doing big boy things. I can take off my clothes, help mommy put on my shoes, walk up and down stairs. I eat with a spoon and fork now too! And I brush my own teeth. That's one of my favorite things to do.

My real favorite thing to do is do just what mommy and daddy are doing when they are doing them. If mom is on the computer when I am around I scream unless she puts me on her lap. I really like to look at daddy's computer when he studies. I like to play with moms fabric when she sews, or sweep when she does, or brush her hair and my hair when she is doing her hair. I like to vacuum and work out with mommy too. My favorite is when she holds me while she bikes.

My favorite toys are my puppies and my cars and every single book in the house. I also like the learning toys mommy makes for me. She put some holes in a box and I have to try to get pipe cleaners into the holes. It is super fun to try and when I do it mommy and daddy clap and say yay for me which makes me so excited I have to dance!

Daddy is my favorite person to play with. When I wake up in the morning I RUN to his bedroom door and hit it to make him get up and play with me. He chases me and tackles me and throws me into the air. Sometimes if I am super good and cute he will let me play with his mouse and keyboard. That is super fun too. I like to sit on his lap and talk to him because he makes funny faces and makes me laugh SO MUCH!! Daddy is my real best friend.

I love my mommy too. Mommy is great because she knows just when to feed me, or change me, or give me a nap. Daddy just doesn't get me when I ask for more milk in my cup. That makes Sundays hard because I want to cuddle into mommy but I cant because she has to teach. I like to read books with mommy too. I think I hurt daddys feelings tonight becasue when we were reading scriptures I didnt want to sit with him but climbed right into mommys lap. But... mommy is who I am suppose to sit with when we read.

I really like church stuff. I am SUPER excited to go to nursery. I got too once or twice with my mommy when we were in Oregon with Grandma and Grandpa and I LOVED it. I ignored mommy the whole time and everything we did was so fun and exciting! I cant wait to go next month. I also am learning to fold my arms when we pray. Its hard to keep them folded when we are praying but I really like to throw them in the air when we are done.

I think mommy and daddy would agree with me when I say that I really am the best boy in the whole world. Sometimes I get really frustrated when I cant communicate or when I want to touch something and I cant. Its really hard to be good all the time. But even though I get mad when I cant have what I want, I make up for it with how many kisses and hugs I give (and I can even kiss with my mouth closed now!). Mommy and daddy ask for my kisses all day long.

Its pretty fun being almost a year and a half (and 21 and a half pounds and 2 feet 7 inches tall!) and it makes me happy and cute almost ALL the time! Mommy and daddy feel super blessed to have such a friendly jolly little boy like me.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Post of Hilariousness

This morning Logan and I took the very short walk to the laundry room connected to our apartment building. Logan LOVES this walk because he gets to go down stairs, push around the laundry cart, and find awesome rocks.

So of course, when we made it back into our apartment Logan had a said rock of awesomness and we went and sat in the rocking chair in his room to play with it while we waited for Adam to be ready for us to take him to school.

Logan accidentaly drops the rock. Down my shirt. And of course since I am large busted the rock is perfectly hidden and Logan searches for about a minute for his precious stone totally confused as to where it went. He got as close as lifting up my shirt but when that happened I finally fished the rock out for him.

Logan watches me and is FASCINATED at this new hiding spot. He pulls down the neck of my shirt and for the next... probably five minutes, he has the time of his life dropping his rock between my breasts, watching it "disappear" and then finding it again.

I really don't know what this is suppose to mean or what I am suppose to do about his new found boob obsession. Its not like its a gross thing- in fact what is under my shirt is now to Logan the coolest toy EVER.

You little ladies never have to deal with this do you? You are so blessed. Not saying I hate my chest- in fact if I am honest I rather love it. But there is something to be said for being able to go braless and have no one notice.

Anyways, care of me and my son this morning, ladies enjoy your chest :) Big or Little.