Thursday, June 7, 2012

Before I Leave

Well, school is over, Adam did AWESOME! (92.6 on the shelf- that's right, my husband brilliant even in Med school :) and now the summer is here which is bittersweet. The bitter part is that Adam has to go for Army training in San Antonio for 6 weeks and Logan and I wont be there. Six weeks away from Adam- I just might day. (And I have already cried MULTIPLE times, and baked cookies twice.)

But, the sweet part is that instead of staying in WV on my own, Logan and I are going to be in Oregon for the six weeks. (And in Utah for ten of those days seeing my sisters.) I am SUPER excited to leave 90 degree days for 60 ones. Not many people can say that with honest but I can. I LOVE the Northwest.

We both leave this Sunday- ours flights are five minutes apart. And both of us are pretty sure we will cry through the first leg of our trips. But, at least Adam gets to go to extreme heat which he actually loves, and I get to feel real clean rain on my face. And I get to cuddle with my mom and my sister and annoy my little brother all night.

So, I thought I would write a quick note to say I will probably not write much in the next six weeks, but a lot at the end of July. I know- you will miss me terribly :) Here are some cute pictures of my darling son to hold you until then though :)

And I WILL give you a quick months update on Logan now that he is 14 months (sorry its not from him :)
-Logan talks ALL the time. I don't think either Adam or I realized how much until we had one of my friends babysit him and she said afterwards very surprised, "he never really stops chatting does he?" Its nice to know as a mom that he has inherited SOMETHING from me
- Dad is still the world wide favorite. Logan wakes up asking for him and gets sad when he so much as goes to the bathroom
- Logan loves books- he likes to sit on our laps and turn the pages for us. He is an avid page turner- usually I only get through half the page before he has turned it :) He will even have us read him novels as well as kids books
- he LOVES fruit. The other day he refused to eat nothing but bananas strawberries and watermelon. Awesome diaper change in-store for me
- Logan likes bubbles. To watch them at least. He doesn't chase after them but just sits and watches them fall and pop in awe. Its pretty hilarious.
- he loves to be outside in sticks and rocks. He is not such a fan of grass and dirt though. (So like Adam.)
- he is SUPER independent. Hates to hold hands, wants to do everything on his own. (He has a huge knot on his head because he tried to get out of the bath on his own last night and face planted it into the bathroom floor.)
Basically, Logan is the cutest, sweetest, funniest, loudest thing alive and we love him like nuts.

Logan and Adam listening to Linkin Park

Logan stuck between mine and Adams desks. Hilarious. PhotobucketPhotobucket

Logan zonked out after a day with his buds Luke, Noah and Sarah (not me :) Photobucket

Learning to Climb stairs

And Logan SUPER mad about something :)

Ps to all this- I am looking for an editor... not grammar, and not someone to read a book for entertainment or because we are friends. I mean I need some hard core content editing. If you are up to it message me :)