Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Sisters Wedding

A few weeks ago Logan and I were able to fly to Utah for my sisters wedding. We were only there for about two days (which is why I didn't tell anyone I was coming- because I wanted it to be all about my sister.)

It was AMAZING. I wasn't originally planning on going because Adam and I didn't have the money to buy tickets but my dad last minute forked out for plane fare and a rental car. (Adam had class and exams so he stayed in West Virginia.)

We flew into Utah on Thursday and my sister fiance was able to help me surprise her. My family didn't get in until late that night so I was able to drive her around and get last minute stuff for her new place, and do cleaning checks and etc.

My favorite part of Utah :)

Her wedding and luncheon were on Friday. It was fun for me because she held her luncheon at the same place Adam and I did ours- and did it small like we did :)

Pre wedding munch down!
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Luncheon time! Logan made best friends with everyone :) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

My sister is amazing. I have hated her my whole life out of sheer jealousy because I have always wanted to BE her! She is so smart and talented and down right gorgeous-

So glad the man shes marrying deserves her. Theo is GREAT! Funny, fun, handsome (if that's not weird for a sister in law to say) and so kind and gentle. I think I love watching their give and take so much because it reminds me of Adam and I. And we have a great relationship if I do say so myself :)

After the wedding on Friday we were busy stocking up my sisters apartment, and buying my mom her first ever cell phone :)

Logan made a friend at the mall :)
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Logan and I flew out on Saturday with my other sister Carolyn. All good flights- Logan was amazing through the whole thing. It was short, busy, stressful, but all in all so wonderful and I am SO glad I was able to be there for it. (Logan LOVED pushing his stroller through the airport)Photobucket

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