Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if there really is such as thing as inanimate objects. Or maybe I am the only insane person in this world that gives life to things that really have none. My toaster, for instance, I believe is the hiding place for the soul of a two year old kid. Meaning I have to push down the lever five times before it toasts and then it toasts either a hair too dark, or way too light. I know it CAN toast perfect- I have seen it. It just wont do it for me...

I am this way with my writing as well. Adam laughs at me because I have been seen to full out yell at my computer screen.

See, I am working on a book right now that frankly I have been working on for years. (Nothing new there.) I LOVE this particular book. It should turn out to be a trilogy I think and I have secret dreams of it being my greatest work. Even if it isn't, I think it'll always be the piece that I enjoy the most.

At the moment though I am actually just trying to get the darn thing finished. Right now I have just come here from staring at my computer screen for ten straight minutes (totally cliche, head in the hands style) and the stupid thing wont coalesce.

See, I want the plot to kind of shimmy one certain way and for some reason my characters have completely other ideas and we cant seem to find a good medium that allows the words to get on the page. What my characters don't realize is that they are just a figment of my imagination at the moment and if they really want a life, THEY NEED TO LET ME WRITE IT.

I swear- I am not crazy.

Don't you ever do that?

Maybe its all in my own crazy head. Lets face it- I had imaginary friends all the way up until I was probably 15 or 16. And whats even weirder is that they didn't stay at the expense of real tangible friends.

Maybe I just like the idea of Toy Story too much... or that 90's movie The Brave Little Toaster. (Loved that movie.) Maybe I inhabit the soul of Disneys Pocahontas and really religiously think that everything, "Has a life, has a spirit, has a name..." I wonder if her people would feel that way about a modern TV set...

Dear Characters of my current novel:
If you are going to trod off the plot I created for you than do this poor woman a favor. Tonight, while I am dreaming, sneak into my subconscious and SHOW me the plot you really want that way I can write it for you. Really, it would make life easier for the both of us.
Otherwise you know whats going to happen. That's right- Ill get irritated over the lack of flowing genius and I will give up on you. And you will have to sit mid sentence for months on end.
And no one wants that do they?
And before you go all crazy with your creative license we are laying some ground rules:
Malcolm- you don't get to hook up with her until the second book
Logan- You are the proverbial nice guy. No bad jokes.
Myra- when you fight with your mom you gotta get angry. You are seventeen and she is bat crap crazy. This is how drama works in teen lit people
Nastacha- You NEED to show up sweet heart. None of this stalking shadows. You ARE a part of our heroines life.
Now it it 10. I am going to bed. And I expect to be woken up around 7 with a brain full of ideas alright? Get to work you lazy imaginings.
Your Writer

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  1. i'm so jealous that you can even write! i would die to have writer's block right now because at least it would mean i had a PLOT. i miss writing so much, i haven't written more than a page of something in years. i just can't get a decent story idea. if i could just start somewhere, i would love to have an outlet to just write.

    good luck!!!!!!