Saturday, May 26, 2012


Sometimes I wonder if there really is such as thing as inanimate objects. Or maybe I am the only insane person in this world that gives life to things that really have none. My toaster, for instance, I believe is the hiding place for the soul of a two year old kid. Meaning I have to push down the lever five times before it toasts and then it toasts either a hair too dark, or way too light. I know it CAN toast perfect- I have seen it. It just wont do it for me...

I am this way with my writing as well. Adam laughs at me because I have been seen to full out yell at my computer screen.

See, I am working on a book right now that frankly I have been working on for years. (Nothing new there.) I LOVE this particular book. It should turn out to be a trilogy I think and I have secret dreams of it being my greatest work. Even if it isn't, I think it'll always be the piece that I enjoy the most.

At the moment though I am actually just trying to get the darn thing finished. Right now I have just come here from staring at my computer screen for ten straight minutes (totally cliche, head in the hands style) and the stupid thing wont coalesce.

See, I want the plot to kind of shimmy one certain way and for some reason my characters have completely other ideas and we cant seem to find a good medium that allows the words to get on the page. What my characters don't realize is that they are just a figment of my imagination at the moment and if they really want a life, THEY NEED TO LET ME WRITE IT.

I swear- I am not crazy.

Don't you ever do that?

Maybe its all in my own crazy head. Lets face it- I had imaginary friends all the way up until I was probably 15 or 16. And whats even weirder is that they didn't stay at the expense of real tangible friends.

Maybe I just like the idea of Toy Story too much... or that 90's movie The Brave Little Toaster. (Loved that movie.) Maybe I inhabit the soul of Disneys Pocahontas and really religiously think that everything, "Has a life, has a spirit, has a name..." I wonder if her people would feel that way about a modern TV set...

Dear Characters of my current novel:
If you are going to trod off the plot I created for you than do this poor woman a favor. Tonight, while I am dreaming, sneak into my subconscious and SHOW me the plot you really want that way I can write it for you. Really, it would make life easier for the both of us.
Otherwise you know whats going to happen. That's right- Ill get irritated over the lack of flowing genius and I will give up on you. And you will have to sit mid sentence for months on end.
And no one wants that do they?
And before you go all crazy with your creative license we are laying some ground rules:
Malcolm- you don't get to hook up with her until the second book
Logan- You are the proverbial nice guy. No bad jokes.
Myra- when you fight with your mom you gotta get angry. You are seventeen and she is bat crap crazy. This is how drama works in teen lit people
Nastacha- You NEED to show up sweet heart. None of this stalking shadows. You ARE a part of our heroines life.
Now it it 10. I am going to bed. And I expect to be woken up around 7 with a brain full of ideas alright? Get to work you lazy imaginings.
Your Writer

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Defying the laws

I know that our bodies were made in such a way that if we eat too much junk, we gain weight. I know its that way so we stay healthy and live to fulfill out destiny's. (Ive been watching too much Merlin- that word is on the brain.) So there is a reason that our bodies were made to retain weight.

But I also wonder, if there could be a "legitimate female meltdown clause". This would be used for moments like a negative pregnancy test. Mothers Day when you don't have kids. Valentines day when you don't have a someone. Your period. Getting dumped. Having to go out with a creeper. Having to go up a size in pants. A run in your only pair of tights. Ripping your favorite shirt.

In those moments I think, as women, we should be able to consume as many calories as we want, and never gain anything. I think maybe female bodies in time of extreme sadness or stress, the hormones that trigger those things should also trigger an upsurge in our metabolism allowing us to burn off the amount of an entire gallon of chocolate ice cream in the time it takes to eat it.

I am just saying that sometimes, as women, there are stresses in our lives that men don't get. And I am tired of my husband eyeing my evening snackie (though he is sweet, AND smart enough to not say a word) and then I am tired of the scale saying it for him the next morning.

I WANT to eat the whole pan of cookies, ALRIGHT?!

I mean, men work out for one week and are RIPPED. Why does it take me a week to loose a single pound?

And men get to pee standing up!!

And don't tell me that women get to have kids. True, motherhood is the balm to most illnesses and is the best thing in the world. But motherhood is sometimes the very TRIGGER to these female only maladies that men don't understand. I am sorry baby but even if you get fat enough to understand stretch marks (unlikely) you will NEVER understand leaking through a t-shirt in the grocery line.

Basically, I want ice cream right now, and am mad because this morning I realized I need to LOOSE maybe 15 or 20 lbs and frankly, though I want to fit into my shorts- I don't want to loose weight. I just want to eat my ice cream and ride my bike and be fine.

(I know it works like that in your head- but the ice cream eating and calorie burning ratio have to meet and the amount of ice cream I want to eat right now wouldn't be burned off in my normal workout session.)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Bad Day

I think some how we have gotten to the point that we think that having a bad day is a bad thing. Don't get me wrong, I am not endorsing depression or anything but I think sometimes it is good to really just wallow in self pity. As long as it doesn't go past a day.

However, I am like everyone else and when I have a bad day, my guilt over having said bad day makes the bad day even worse. It was easy when I was single but now with a family I feel like I need to keep myself up because it is important to keep them up.

I had that bad day yesterday. Ugh- personal issues, then a half hour of hearing about family issues that made me feel bad themselves, and then worse for thinking all morning about my own stuff. Then there is a hubby who is stressed to the max because of a neuro exam on Monday. Then there is the apartment complex who because of other tenants moving out, has decided that now, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, is the best time to reconstruct next door, and downstairs.

Construction not only means jack hammer sounds all day- LOUD ones- but it means that those loud sounds make it so my son doesn't sleep. Yesterday was day THREE of construction meaning Logan has not napped for longer than 45 minuets at a time in THREE days.

Not only has my ONE year old not slept, but the jack hammer sounds? SCARE him. Which means even if I let him stand next to me when I am on the toilet he cry's because he is not on my lap.

It doesn't matter how much I try to be the happy positive person but three days of a stressed man, three days of a tired son, three days of a one year old crawling over me so I can barely make a dinner- toss in shredded toilet paper on my floor and my and my families self pity- it was a bad day.

So the relief society activity i was NOT planing on going to, I INSISTED on attending, even with Logan. Because then I could let other people entertain him. And Logan, bless him, was happy to see someone who was not his irritated mother.

What is funny- an hour insight of Logan but without him on my lap- did plenty to refresh me. And Adam, bless him, after having an hour on line with his best friend was fully ready to love on his happy tired son when we got home.

Logan went to bed in an instant. Adam kissed me and I settled down to an evening of Spin City and pudding AND animal crackers. By ten o clock I was looking at pictures on my son on my phone and started writing this realizing that it was a bad day. And realizing that I don't have to get down even MORE because of a bad day.

Everyone has things they want right now, good things, that they just don't get. Everyone gets jealous of others sometimes. Everyone has families that suffer at some time and another and they feel trapped because they cant do anything about it. Everyone gets upset at their spouses for being sharp when they need some tenderness as well.

And EVERYONE had a day that they regret with their children because they didn't play enough, didn't love enough, and were too impatient and tough.  And everyone has days where instead of looking at the bright side of life, they wallow in darkness for too long. And I realized that it was perfectly okay to be that way ALL day as long as it doesn't go into tomorrow.

So, even though there is STILL construction and my son is still scared of it, and my hubby is still stressed, and I still don't have some of the righteous desires of my heart- I also have a cheap and clean apartment with wonderful managers. I still have a husband who every thirty minutes looks up to smile at me and tell me he loves me (because HE is worried he is not paying enough attention :). I still have a son who loves me and wants to be with me. and who doesn't care when I am too tired to wash the peanut butter out of his hair. (I am assuming if he put it there he likes it there right?)

and despite my pudding, animal crackers, chocolate chips, relief society Mexican feast, hot dog, chips and everything ELSE I ate all day- I am NOT fat.

And for your enjoyment here is the picture that made me melt and feel better. :) Sorry its uncensored :)


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Parenting Thoughts on Crying Kids

I remember when I was pregnant talking to everyone I loved and trusted about good ways to parent. Whats so funny is that now I have a few people very close to me going through first time parenting, and I am becoming someone to talk too.

I talk a lot of parenting with my friends- parents, other parents... I like to hear everyone's tactics, different ideas etc. I think its an excellent idea to read and talk about it a lot. I mean, you don't have to USE everything. But you may find something useful that wouldn't have popped into your own head.

One of the most interesting conversations I have had of late was with a girlfriend from my ward on a long drive and she was saying how blessed she is to have a daughter who rarely fusses because when she does cry, my friend flips. Cant handle it.

It led into another interesting discussion at a Relief Society gathering where all the women were talking about getting their kid to sleep through the night and how hard it is to just- let them cry.

At the end of which I had to laugh and say, "You are all such better mothers than I am. It doesn't phase me an INCH when Logan cries."

I realize now that this statement needs a little amending :)

After the first... four months, Logan had gotten old enough, and I had been with him long enough to differentiate between his cries.

Scared cries or hurt cries still wring my heart. Logan woke up the other night frantic after a bad dream and I didn't hesitate a SECOND over running into his room, picking him up and cuddling him. (Great thing about Logan is, is that by the time I had sat down in the rocking chair he was almost asleep again.)

When Logan gets shots I stay in the doctors office for fifteen minutes calmly, and happily, calming him and loving on him. Because at that time he NEEDS it. And I LOVE to give it. (By the way, I must add, when my son gets shots he gets SO mad that I LAUGH. So funny. So there is a horrible mother for you :)

But the- I'm tired, I'm mad, I want what I cant have, I'm simply a butt face cries? Please. They don't work on this hardened mother.

I don't mean they don't irritate me. Because they do a great deal. Lately we have been having some construction around our apartment so Logan hasn't been sleeping. Which means he whines ALL DAY LONG. By noon I am no longer, gentle understanding mom. Because by that time loving, and understanding are going to do nothing to help. Ladies, new mothers, sometimes kids JUST CRY. And when that happens, I am the mom that says, "Fine just cry."

And then I put him in a spot where I know he is safe and cant get hurt (or at his age its more like, I put him here he cant hurt anything) I lock the doors so I know no one can steal him, then I hop into the shower where I cant hear him cry and I block him out for a half hour. I have actually been known to put up a baby gate and sit sewing in the kitchen while Logan sits on the other side of the gate and cries because he is just plain mad.

Honestly, I get plain mad sometimes. And someone cuddling me is not going to help. (And I KNOW it doesn't help Logan because I have tried that tactic and ended getting my face scratched which landed Logan in time out and me FUMING.) And secretly I kind of wish that at 26 I could freak out like Logan does. It would do me some good.

Sometimes EVERYONE just needs to freak out.

Honestly, I think THAT is the key to any success i have had as a parent. I read somewhere when I was pregnant that there will be days when your kid will cry and NOTHING you do will solve it. Even if there is a reason for their tears like sleepiness, or teething. You as a parent are human, and sometimes when they cry long enough and when you cant fix it, it will work on you. It will wear on you. It will drive you bonkers.

Now here is the key. When this moment happens- and we all know what that moment is like- step away. Give your kid to a spouse or family member, be responsible make sure they are clean, fed, and safe- then find your space. Separate yourself. Take a shower, work out, run to the grocery store for a coke. Whatever your fix is. Do it.

Because if you don't do it, THAT is when bad parenting comes in. That is when tempers break and people yell, hit, do things they regret. When you step out you take responsibility for you and your kid.

Now I am not saying of you don't step out you will become abusive. I am just saying you are not a BAD person for needing that. You cant take care of someone else if you are falling apart yourself. You are a mom, but you are still you. And if you give yourself time to be you, you are better for your kids.

Haven't you ever had that moment? I have it every night. I put my son to bed and feel relief over some alone time. By an hour later I am amazed at how restored I feel and when I look up from my book or writing or whatever, I actually MISS my son. I truly think that stepping out, being me, BUILDS my patience and makes me better able to handle the melt downs when they come on. If I sat in the middle of a Logan tantrum each time I would be able to sit there for a shorter and shorter amount of time. Now that I separate myself, I can stay as long as needed, when it really is needed.

I really think that is why the first few months of being a mom come back to me a joy instead of a pain.

My morning schedule when Logan was a newborn, and this happened like clock work:

Wake up with baby- feed him. Snuggle for a minute.

Change him, make him safe and comfy in his swing. Turn on music to entertain him.

Then go downstairs for an hour and work out. Do NOT take monitor.

Even at a month Logan would often cry when I left the room. But you know what? Twenty minutes of crying later and he would either start cooing at his mobile or fall asleep. I stopped taking the monitor downstairs with me because hearing him cry when I left didn't make me sad, but made me feel stressed and rushed. I knew that if something really bad DID happen (like an earthquake hit the upstairs and not the downstairs and knocked his super safe swing over) that Logan would cry loud enough and I would hear it.

I needed my hour. I needed to work out. I needed to shower. (I never got ready mind you- I just washed myself) And I needed to eat breakfast. And when I was done with all this- somehow that hour or two was enough to charge me for an entire day of doing nothing but feeding and cuddling and loving through tears. And after my hour the tears, no matter how bad they got, never bothered me.

I don't know if that is a blessing or a curse but I am the mother that doesn't have an issue when her kid cries. Adam and I had NO problems getting Logan to sleep through the night, because I had no problem falling asleep when he was crying. Seriously. I just repeat the questions in my head.

Is he clean? (Something I go into his room to make sure.)

Is he fed? (I think back to the last meal and how much he ate.)

Is he safe? (meaning, did he just fall off the back of the couch and feels sad because hes hurt?)

I also now add- is he teething? Could he use some Tylenol?

If he is clean, fed, safe, warm, medicated, and if a hug and five minutes of love don't cure him- a half hour of rocking love isn't going to make it any better either. Even if it soothes one instance it is going to only become a habit which will eventually turn me into Mommy Hulk.

This isn't a lecture- this isn't even advice. This is just how I am with Logan and since I think it is interesting to hear how other people are with their kids, because every kid and parent and situation truly ARE different, I am sharing my thoughts.

In my mind, sometimes the kids just need to cry. And when that happens you just need something to turn to that lets them do that without hurting yourself.

And just like at Relief Society when I am saying this now it makes me feel bad as a mom to think of all those tender hearted women who just cant stand to do that. I wonder where I have gone wrong to loose my motherly heart. Will my kids hate me for it someday? Would they be better off with an hour of coddling?

I don't think so. And I think that is where the blessings of the gospel come in. Because the Lord says he will never give us a challenge that we cant overcome. So when coddling is not in my nature, I don't think the Lord would ever give me a child that would need that. Because the Lord knows who I am, what I need, who my kid is, what my kid needs, and what the both of us can and cant do.

Can I end all this by saying yes its true, I'm not lying I really DO let my kid sit five feet from me and ball his eyes out for over forty minutes while I calmly make a skirt. And will you also believe me when I say that even with the previous statement, I love my son more than anything? I love being a mom more than anything. It truly is the greatest part of my life. And I know that even in the middle of a tantrum if I can close my ears long enough to think it- I would STILL say being a mom is the greatest thing ever.

Friday, May 11, 2012

The Truth About Me As A Mom

I was reading this really hilarious post on Pinterest today about the ten things people NEVER tell you about the after effects of giving birth and though I laughed (this lady was HILARIOUS and a potty mouth which- I must admit, when used well in literature, bad language makes me CRACK up. Bridget Jones anyone?) and though I did agree with a lot of what she said (first period woes) I also thought she was really down on the whole thing.

Now, I am not saying being a new mom and the parts of new mom hood that have nothing to do with your kid are easy- and I do think I had a much easier time of it than some- I just think that compared to pregnancy itself- parenting is a cake walk.

I dreamed my whole life of this happy cute, big belly thing. The excitement over kicking etc. People always say how wonderful pregnancy is. How you glow etc etc.

My experience with pregnancy is like a few choice moments on Friends.

One, Chandler tells Phoebe that she is glowing. Phoebe sneers at him and says, "That's just sweat. You try throwing up all day and you'll glow too."

And two, Rachel yelling at her ginormous belly, "Get out get out get out!!" (not lying- I TOTALLY did this. In earnest.)

Pregnancy is more than worth it. I will go through it again and again for the joy of kids. I am ACHING to be pregnant right now. But... for the results it brings. Not for the joy of it itself. Because truth be told? I HATE being pregnant.

And it was easy for me relatively. I had no morning sickness. No preeclampsia, no depression, no infections, no diabetes.

However, let me tell you why I hated it. First trimester. By eleven weeks I had gone up TWO bra sizes. Yeah- from a D to an E. I had to special order bras that looked like straight jackets. And my chest ACHED. Breastfeeding felt AMAZING after the aches and pains my breasts went through to get ready for my kid. People tell you how much it hurts when you breast feed, they never tell you that the pain in your breasts that pregnancy might cause is actually WORSE. My boobs SHRUNK when I breastfed no joke.

Also first trimester. People talk all about morning sickness and yes I KNOW I was lucky not to have it. However, people don't talk about the woes of food aversions. Meaning, no I didn't throw up. But for three months I ate NOTHING but green apples, saltines, and mashed potatoes. PLAIN I might add. I couldn't go NEAR red meat, onions, anything that smelled strong enough to be appealing. Which of course through the whole - gain 2 to 4 pounds rule- out the window. I think I gained ten in the first three months.

Note: Food aversions suck. Not being able to eat at all? Sucks more. And I know this and I FEEL for you that couldn't eat at all. Which is why I feel bad talking about my aversions. But hey, it still sucked for me :)

Lets fast forward to my last two weeks of pregnancy and why having a new baby was so great.

1. No more heavy food aversions (still no onions, still no red meat, and LOTS of Mexican food) but double heavy boobs. When my son was born I was an F. Awesome (not). Not kidding, the only trouble with breastfeeding that I had was that my boobs were bigger than my sons head so I couldn't see if he was latching. It was so humiliating to get help for this issue that it was hilarious. To me AND the nurse.

2. I was 200 lbs. Granted, I put on 50 lbs total throughout pregnancy but the last month I gained the most because I retained water. People talk about pitted edema AFTER pregnancy but did they tell you you can have it during? Without risk of preecclampsia? I seriously swelled up like a balloon from the Thanksgiving day parade.

3. I was TIRED. All that exhaustion from the first trimester came ROARING back. You women who don't work while you are pregnant don't know how LUCKY you are. I was on my feet working full time (not a desk job mind you- a full time retail job at the mall during Prom season).

4. Your cute tiny baby- MOVES. its super exciting the first time. My best friend thought it was great the whole way through because movement meant her baby was safe. Mentally, I knew this but emotionally- I would have promised my kid a CAR to get him to stop for a while. CONSTANT rolling, kicking, punching. It hurt to stand, to sit, to lay down.

My most hilarious pregnancy moment was while I was helping some girls find a prom dress, I realize their friend is looking at me like I am a MONSTER. I am scanning myself wondering what it is until I realize she is watching my belly. Which is VISIBLY rolling.

Ladies with teen girls- you want to scare them from sex? Have the job shadow a pregnant lady for a day. They'll be trying to join convents after.

5. So imagine being the most tired you have ever been, feet huge and filled with water, body aching, but when your kid is moving so much, and the weight is sitting on your bladder- forget sleep. If I didn't wake up to vigorous kicks I was going pee.

6. Peeing in number six. Were talking every half hour.

7. If I am not waking up to kicks or peeing, I was to weird dreams. VIVID dreams. Ever hear of that pregnancy symptom? It is one. Were talking weird sci-fi stuff, to making out with old boyfriends, to accidentally killing my baby by falling down stairs. So real that I would wake up confused to where I was. (No joke, I had ALL of those dreams.)

So is it any wonder, that the huge, water filled, peeing, tired, gassy, acid reflux woman that I was would take the after affects of pregnancy over pregnancy itself any day?

Yes, when you have a baby whether its c section (like mine) or vaginal, you are scared to poo. (I voluntarily asked my doctor to put me on stool softeners and I still sat on the toilet for 30 minutes trying not to hurt myself).

You DO bleed for two weeks or so. And yes you have to wear monster pads. And yes it is gross so I would suggest, to be blunt, SHAVING EVERYTHING before giving birth. Wondrous.

And yes, for the first little bit it hurts to actually SIT UP in bed.

And yes, you still look like your pregnant for a good month or two.

And yes, your baby wakes you up every four hours.

But you know what, even though you are no longer sleeping 8 hours at a time, the four hours of sleep you get BETWEEN feedings- is THREE TIMES better than 8 hours of sleep when you are pregnant. I slept ten hours the whole first three months of my sons life. It just took me twelve hours to GET three hours of sleep.

And do you know how good it feels to pee on your own for the first time and pee a cups worth and then not have to go again for three hours? Do you know how good it feels to be able to hold it in all night long?

Do you know how good it feels to be able to reach your legs in the shower to wash them- SHAVE them?!

Me, with my pitted edema woes, I lost 30 lbs in the first six weeks. That tells you how much water weight I was carrying. And I promise you, the first day I could see ankles again I made my husband take me out to dinner to celebrate.

Do you know that I almost CRIED the first time I put on a NORMAL bra? Do you know how good is feels to breastfeed and get some relief from a swollen breast?

And yeah, those movie births are not real- no newborn looks like that, no new mother looks so coiffed. But the REAL glow, not the sweat glow, that is on the parents faces as they look at their tiny kid- that is REAL. It may not sink in for a day or two (give yourself that time- its hard to feel parental love when your drugged and tired).

I am not saying it is easy in the slightest. But what I am saying- is that its worth it. I have my melt down moments. Even now when my son is over a year I still have days where I have to hand him off to my hubby or put him in his crib and shower to drown him out for a half hour.

But by the time that shower is over, even if he still is crying, I want to hold him. I LOVE to just watch him. Step back, look at this thing you made, this thing that looks like the two people you cherish the most in your life, and realize that it does not matter that you haven't showered in two days.

It doesn't matter that dishes aren't done, that you are ten pounds overweight, that nothing fits- nothing matters but your child. No pain or annoyance can compare with the serious and true joy of being a mom.

It does suck sometimes. And you do have the right to sulk or complain or demand special treatment. But just try to not let the time you give to the negatives outweigh the time you give loving and admiring your place in life. Because it is the best place to be in.

Nothing in my life, compares to the joy of being a mom. Nothing.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mothers Day Video

I get emails from about every baby company imaginable :) Johnson and Johnson sent me this darling video as a mothers day gift and I thought I would share it. Its pretty cute so enjoy!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

13 Months Old!

I keep on growing! I went from 20th percentile in height when I was ten months to 50th at 13! I am 30 inches tall. The doctor says I am underweight though and need to eat a lot more. I only weight 19.5 lbs which is what I weighted at ten months too. The doctor says he is not worried that I have not gained weight, but if I don't put on some pounds on soon he is going to get mad at me and my mommy.

So I eat all the time! I have five teeth now so it is easier for me to eat more. I really like shredded chicken, peaches, cereal, yogurt, string cheese and I LOVE raisins and apple sauce.
Since I am so underweight mommy doesn't worry about giving me treats anymore either so every night I get a cookie or a cupcake or something sweet. I LOVE chocolate but I am not a fan of ice cream. (daddy says that's because mommy will only give me fat free ice cream.)
Right after Easter I learned how to walk! Mommy and Daddy have been trying to teach me for forever but I ignored them. Then one day when we were all playing on the floor I decided I wanted to get up and cross the room. So I did!
I LOVE to walk. I can chase after people, explore new things- it is so much fun! I love to wander the living room then down the hall to my room then back out to the living room.
Now that I walk I am into everything! Nothing is safe from the Logan Monster. I especially like things I cant have. Like daddy's phone, the ipad, the PlayStation controller, the TV remote, mommy and daddy's food, mommy's sewing stuff... and I get really mad when mom and dad tell me I cant have them.
I LOVE books. I love to read them with people, by myself- I love to eat them and to rip them!
i do NOT like to be alone. I will cry A LOT and LOUD even if I am not alone in the house. I don't even like it when mommy is in the bathroom by herself and wont let me in. I like to stand by daddy's chair while he works, or sit on the floor and play with spoons while mommy cooks, or sit on moms lap while she types and sews. I really get in the way but I don't mind.
I really like all people. Sometimes men scare me a little, and girls I LOVE. Mommy has seen me walk down a hall at church then turn right around to chase a little girl. But I play great with my friends and never bite or hit. (yet :)

Mommy and daddy say that I am a super happy content little boy. I love to just walk around and play with my dinos and noisy toys. I could also sit with mommy and daddy and play for hours. They really love me which is great because I really love them too, and we are all SUPER happy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Sisters Wedding

A few weeks ago Logan and I were able to fly to Utah for my sisters wedding. We were only there for about two days (which is why I didn't tell anyone I was coming- because I wanted it to be all about my sister.)

It was AMAZING. I wasn't originally planning on going because Adam and I didn't have the money to buy tickets but my dad last minute forked out for plane fare and a rental car. (Adam had class and exams so he stayed in West Virginia.)

We flew into Utah on Thursday and my sister fiance was able to help me surprise her. My family didn't get in until late that night so I was able to drive her around and get last minute stuff for her new place, and do cleaning checks and etc.

My favorite part of Utah :)

Her wedding and luncheon were on Friday. It was fun for me because she held her luncheon at the same place Adam and I did ours- and did it small like we did :)

Pre wedding munch down!
 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Luncheon time! Logan made best friends with everyone :) Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

My sister is amazing. I have hated her my whole life out of sheer jealousy because I have always wanted to BE her! She is so smart and talented and down right gorgeous-

So glad the man shes marrying deserves her. Theo is GREAT! Funny, fun, handsome (if that's not weird for a sister in law to say) and so kind and gentle. I think I love watching their give and take so much because it reminds me of Adam and I. And we have a great relationship if I do say so myself :)

After the wedding on Friday we were busy stocking up my sisters apartment, and buying my mom her first ever cell phone :)

Logan made a friend at the mall :)
PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

Logan and I flew out on Saturday with my other sister Carolyn. All good flights- Logan was amazing through the whole thing. It was short, busy, stressful, but all in all so wonderful and I am SO glad I was able to be there for it. (Logan LOVED pushing his stroller through the airport)Photobucket

Friday, May 4, 2012

Adams 26th Birthday

On April 18th Adam turned 26! Wowsers!

I am an awesome wife and we had a brain themed birthday party. Because Adam loves brains.

I made Adam, Logan and I all matching Brain Trust T-shirts. (If you get the brain trust references you get a gold star.)

Adam opened a card from his parents and grand parents while we ate a yummy breakfast. (Logan stole the card.)

When Adam was at school Logan and I got him balloon then we all went to Chilis for lunch.

Then while Logan napped Adam opened his gifts-
a cool thumb wrestling card
a Neuron tie
brain soap
and a book from Logan called "Calculus for Infants." Adam LOVED it.

Then later we wore brain party hats

Played Brain trivial pursuit

And had brain cupcakes :)

Logan comendered all of Adams balloons.

And then before bed there were birthday hugs and wrestle time :)PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket