Friday, March 30, 2012

1 Year Old

I am one year old!! It is the best thing in the whole world- I am a SERIOUSLY big boy now.

I sit in a big boy car seat.

I got my top two teeth the very week that i turned one! It is a lot more fun to bite things now, though mom and dad wont let me chew on them anymore which is sad. But I DO get too brush my teeth every night which I LOVE.

Now that I am one I only drink from cups. (No more bottles for mommy to wash- yay!)

I ONLY eat big people food- no more formula, no more baby food. My favorite foods right now are anything chocolate (including chocolate chips in pancakes) bananas, grapes, and things that CRUNCH like Chex cereal and gold fish crackers.

I started to pull myself up and I can walk around holding onto anything- with only one hand! I can also stand up all on my own but I really don't like too.

After I learned how to walk around I also finally figured out how to crawl. Its pretty fun.

Now that I am one, and walking, and wearing shoes, I LOVE to go to the park and swing. I also like the slides and will even go down them head first all on my own!

I have learned that now that i am one, that there are things that i am not aloud to touch like the on off button on dads computer or moms headphones. I really hate being told no though, and I am super stubborn so I will grab at things three or four times until mom and dad have to shout no at me and then I'll let go, but I get mad and cry.

I figured out how to open cupboard doors. But mom only has heavy things in the bottom cupboards so I really leave things well enough alone. Sometimes mom will even put Tupperware bowls and spoons on the floor of the kitchen for me to play with which I love. Its fun to be in the kitchen when she is.

I love to wave at everyone I see and say Hi! Dada is my favorite second word. I like to say them together. If I screech "Hi dada!" and wave furiously at him and smile real big, he will usually think I am so cute he will stop studying and come and play with me.

I LOVE to play with dada. He lets me chase him and then he chases me! It is so much fun!

Mom and I have fun too. When dad is gone we have dance parties to Lady Gaga and mom will twirl me SUPER fast which is fun. And then we read a lot of books together and she tickles me a lot which I think is SUPER funny.

I am still a champion sleeper. I take two great naps and usually sleep 13 hours at night. I like to talk to myself and play in my crib when I wake up and go to bed. The only thing that wakes me up ever is the toilet flushing. I don't even wake up to thunder or sirens!

I am still scared of the vacuum and the blender. And I don't like listening to the tub being filled though I DO love to watch it drain.

My favorite toys are my plastic dino and a cool noise making table my friend Luke gave me. I love ANYTHING that makes noise. I also really love books, especially the church one my Grandma Janice made me before I was born. I love looking at pictures of me and my family.

Some other things I like to do is watch cars go by and watch BBC Sherlock Holmes with mom and dad. I also LOVE to grocery shop with mom. There are so many people to wave at in a store! I love to crawl around in new places like church. And I love my friends Noah and Luke.

For my first birthday we had a DINO party!! It was great. I went out to breakfast with mom and had chocolate milk and pancakes, and I ate ALL of moms scrambled eggs.

I LOVED watching my balloons on my chair.

Mom and dad set all my presents on the living room table and let me spend all day opening them up. I loved the tissue paper and eating the wrapping paper.

I love my tent and my dino hat that mom made me!

I also LOVED my chocolate cake! It was so YUM!! (I am glad there are leftover cupcakes for me to eat too.)

Birthdays are the best- and so is getting older!

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  1. Oh my gosh he is getting so big! And CCCUUUTTTEEE!!! One is such a fun age