Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

We had a great Valentines Day! Adam had a test that morning, so I made him and Logan some cinnamon rolls and was sort of able to shape them like hearts :) Then while Adam was testing Logan and I made a love tent in the living room and set out all the treats we had made.

WE picked Adam up around ten, and Logan gave him a love bug "we" had made full of his favorite chocolate, and then he got to come home to my gift- love coupons, heart shaped snickerdoodles, and two free hours of video game playing :)
While Adam was at home enjoying alone time, Logan and I went on a galentines play date with our favorite friends Bethany and Noah Whitehead. We went to Cracker Barrel and had Sweet Potato Pancakes that I am sure were 1000 calories each and TOTALLY worth it.

Then we were off to take Adam to his job shadowing in Pediatric Neurology, and Logan and I hung out in the car for an hour talking to my dad and drinking strawberry juice, then we went to Olive Garden for lunch/dinner were Logan preferred eating the menu to bread sticks and mashed potatoes.

Logan had a great nap, then we read all our valentines from our valentine box (after Logan ATE his first we banned home from getting to hold his own:) then Logan got to play with his new mice toys and have an hour long swimming bath (he LOVES to swim in the tub, Video later.)
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Adam and I then spent the evening eating crackers and cheese with chocolates, covered strawberries, and sparkling cider while watching our favorite shows :) It was relaxing, family oriented, and a SUPER AWESOME day.

PS- Adam did well in buying me roses, butterfinger hearts and- wait for it- My exercise bike!! Best gift ever from the best husband in the entire world :)


  1. Since I can't seem to ever catch you on the phone, I will post here. I miss you guys! Sounds like you all had a great Valentine's Day! Thanks for updating your blog regularly! I love it!

  2. Wow! What a fun, action packed V-day! Are those picture at the beginning of your post of your sister's engagment? Did she get engaged on Valentine's day? Such cool pictures!