Monday, February 27, 2012

11 months

At the doctors this morning I weighed in at 20lbs and 4oz, and 28.75 inches! You might think that sounds big but really- I am only in the 20% percentile. But that's okay- I am fitting right into 12mo clothes right before I turn 12mo so I think I am pretty much perfect!
11 months has been exciting! I have learned how to do all sorts of new things! I now give high fives, wave hello, goodbye and goodnight, and sometimes even clap my hands.

Mom hardly gives me any baby food anymore. I love people food. I like spaghetti, Oatmeal pancakes, yogurt, animal crackers, bananas, and homemade bread with nutella. I do not like cheese just plain or on bread or tortillas. (Though I DO like Mac and cheese...)
I also drink out of my own cup now. Mom only gives me a bottle when I go to bed. I LOVE holding my own cup or bottle. But I think the cups with straws are a lot easier on a guy like me because then I don't have to tip my cup at all. That's hard and I am one lazy guy so I never do it :)
I have also learned to brush my teeth! Well... not on my own. Even though I only have two teeth, every night after my bottle I go into the bathroom and mom and dad scrub my teeth and gums with my special baby toothbrush. I LOVE it! Brushing my teeth is so much fun and my orajel toothpaste is YUMMY!

I have also learned how to stand and walk around on my own!! I can pull myself up on anything- even on mommy's back, or daddy's computer. I even stand up in the bath tub. They don't like that much though...
And you better watch out because as long as I am holding onto something I will go EVERYWHERE! I really like to pull things off the bookshelves or play drums on the coffee table. I don't like standing all by myself yet though. It makes me a littler nervous. But I am getting better at it.
I also understand lots of words. I get SUPER sad when mom and dad say no and wont let me have what I want like mommy's glasses. (They look so much fun when they are on her face!) After the first time they say no I usually will try a few more times, but eventually i stop because I am so mad and I cry.

But I also know my own name, and I know it when Mom and Dad tell me to come here. I can also point to mine and mommy's noses. (I LOVE noses.)

Just wait until I am a whole year old! Then there will be all sorts of cool things to talk about- and youll get to see pictures of me digging into my own chocolate cake!

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