Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Goals

Each New Years instead of making resolutions, I make goals- things I would like to get done during the year. I usually fill out one full side of a lined sheet of paper. No- I have never accomplished EVERYTHING, but I usually accomplish a lot and its fun to try for it all :)

Here are the goals for 2011 that I actually DID:
1. Write on blog twice a week- or have a total of 100 posts a year
2. Get pre-baby body back
3. continue journaling for Logan
4. Go to the temple
5. stick to a budget tithing right away
7. send a book out to girl friends
8. make, keep, spend more time with girls/ friends
9. vacuum more often
10. start 1 family tradition with Logan
11. keep myself and the baby on schedule
12.have lots of quality Sarah and Adam time
13.take coupons more seriously
14. move out
15. tell Adam everything so he always feels in the loop
16. expand my patience
17. make more of an effort with myself

Believe it or not- there were only 6 goals I DIDN'T make. Pretty good.

This year I have 25 goals- I am not going to put all of them down because some are personal, but here are a few for your liking :)

2012 Goals:
1. Have Logan go into Nursery without crying
2. stick to my grocery budget
3. get a babysitter at least twice
4. do FHE with Logan
5. dont make or take on more craft projects than I can get done
6. do dishes more often
7. start writing for me, and for fun
8. see my mom
9. let Adam spend a butt load of money on something he really wants or loves
10. don't cut my hair (except for split end trims)
11. digitize more of my photos
12. keep more in touch with the grandparents

Happy 2012 to all of you! Hoping it proves to be an AMAZING an fruitful year!

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