Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Little Christmas

Now that I have updated you on everything else in our life, but have left out our Christmas adventures I spose I will go BACK to Christmas just to fill in the blanks :) And hopefully I wont repeat too many pictures.

Monday Dec 19
we flew from West Virginia to Oregon. It really was an all day process. Logan actually did great- flirted with stewardesses, and slept unless it was bumpy. I of course slept not at all and was exhausted, but still managed to cry when I got to hug my mom :)

Tuesday Dec 20
Went out to Breakfast with my sisters to our favorite place Jazzy bagels, then shopped with them for stocking stuff. My brother came in the afternoon with his girls, my best friend Becky came over so her son could meet Logan, and I think we just played the rest of the day.

Wednesday Dec 21
I went with my mom to pick my Grandma up from the train station. Us girls spent the entire afternoon shopping at the mall while the boys played video games. We played Yatzee in the evening :)

Thursday Dec 22
We went to the outlet mall in the morning, took family pictures all afternoon, and went out to Red Robin for dinner.

Friday Dec 23
We spent the afternoon playing at Henry's house, and watched some Its A Wonderful Life in the afternoon. Becky, Trent, Adam and I all went on a double date to Sunny Hans, my favorite Chinese place, and then to TCBY.

Saturday Dec 24
We went to Becky's for some more pictures. We went out and looked at all the lights that evenin, then Adam and I fell asleep on the couch waiting for the kids to go to sleep so "Santa" could come :)

Sunday Dec 25
We opened presents all morning. Got ready for church, went to church, came home and has a HUGE feast. Then we played the game Adam and I had made for my family (the board version of Oregon trail) and had a LOAD of fun :)

Monday Dec 26
My brother went home with his kids. We went to Old Navy for a bit. We went out to Chinese for dinner. We played Rummy late into the night :)

Tuesday Dec 27
My parents took my Grandma to the train station. Becky brought by our pictures so we spent forever on Shutterfly :) Adam and I watched Green Lantern, then we went to Becky and trents for the most amazing dinner ever.

Wednesday Dec 28
We left SUPER early for the airport- and on our first flight sat by the old lady from hell. Logan did great on the second flight, and we were home by 7:30, sitting and eating Mexican take out.

Thursday Dec 29
I grocery shopped.

Friday Dec 30
I unpacked and rearranged the house :)

Saturday Dec 31
We did NOT stay up to midnight, but had fun during the day putting up Christmas decorations and just playing.

Sunday Jan 1
Had the joy- and I am not being sarcastic when I say joy- of going to church at 9- had great crock pot when we came home, and spent the rest of the day (because we still had all day) playing together and organizing for school.

yay! Hope all of your holidays were magnificent and fun as ours was!

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