Saturday, January 14, 2012

And we are doing....


Don't you hate it when you write a great blog and then hit some button and DELETE it all? Yeah, now you are getting the second bests :) But I thought now that we are well into the year you could use a little update on our lives. But now since I am getting lazy and am still mad for deleting my genius of earlier, I am just going to list it out :) So enjoy.
1. Adam LOVES gross anatomy lab. He is determined to be a surgeon now because he says nothing feels so good as a scalpel in his hand.
2. his first test is on Tuesday and he is stressing hard because he doesn't know how easy or tough it will be so we are study central here. I like tit though because I can actually help this semester. And, I LOVE looking at all the cadaver pictures and hearing all of Adams stories.

2b. Adams best cadaver story? If you are squeamish don't read :) He was dissecting this ladies hand, and so he had to peel the skin back, and its best to do that with your hands, and he said at one point he had his pointer finger UNDER THE SKIN of this ladies pointer finger. Awesome right?

3. We decided to rearrange thing,. This stemmed from Adam needing a cleaner and better place to work- so we got him a corner desk which meant everything in the living room had to be moved. (I like it better- we have a longer though thinner space. But longer works better for kickboxing and crawling practise.) And since I cant leave well enough alone I had to do Logan's room as well :) (Love my gallery wall right? That's in the living room.)

4. I am back to writing! Logan and Adam pretty much take up my time but when I need a little something extra its nice to have creative juices flowing and be able to turn to my books. And I mean MINE :)

5. I am back to being healthy. I seem to have this problem with working out great for a few months, then giving up for a month. So Adam made me a deal that if I could prove my dedication by being consistent for 9 months (or until my b-day) by working out no less than three times a week- he would buy me an exercise bike. (MAJOR SCORE and major perfect motivation for me.)

6. Adam for the first time has been reading MORE fiction than me. And that's ON TOP Of his work load. He finished Crime and Punishment during Christmas, Diary (by Chuck Palawhatsit when we got home) and is now simultaneously working on The Brothers Karamazov and all the old Marvel comics. What am I reading? Um... the hungry hungry Caterpillar?

7. Logan still proves to be the absolute joy in our lives. He had a doctors appt last week and weighted in at 19.5 lbs, 28 inches (all 25%) and his HEAD is in the 75% :) Our doctor is kind enough to say things like- hes going to follow in his daddy's footsteps!
8. Per the doctors suggestion , and the fact that Logan FINALLY got two bottom teeth this week, we have started more finger foods.He's been eating on crackers and cereal for awhile but now he gets whatever we have for dinner just in a tiny portion. He loves spaghetti, mac and cheese, Mexican (especially black beans and corn) cheese tortillas, and is a little iffy lasagna. I think that's the sausage. He also loves pears and bananas. And he is THRILLED to eat on his own. SO independent. He also likes to shove all the food in his mouth at once making his cheeks even bigger if you could believe that. He also loves to eat bath bubbles. I really mean eat.
9. Logan loves walking- right now he is leading Adam on loops around the house :) He is getting SO much closer to standing on his own- and still wont crawl. Now he just gets around by scooting over the floor on his butt :) He is a crafty lad. He is also strangely in love with ties... I cant crotchet anywhere near him. Even his own ties he loves...

10. for the first time we are not string January out broke! In fact, Adam and I just finished paying off the last of my school debt this week!  (Thanks in part to my dad- had to give credit where its due.) But we have been great about our budget and I am SUPER proud of us.

Basically we keep ourselves busy- and we are EXTREMELY happy. Come on- look at this face- with that around all the time how could we NOT be super happy? (And these are just some late photos from our Christmas trip of Adam and I with my best friend Becky and her husband Trent and their son Henry. They made me cry when she sent them to me so I had to share them here.)

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