Tuesday, January 3, 2012

9 Months

On Christmas Eve I turned 9 months old! It was pretty exciting becasue that night we got to drive around and look at lights, I got to wear my Christmas Eve PJ's, and my Grandma Janice put me to bed!
Turning 9 months has been great- I still dont crawl but I am becoming an expert at standing and even walking a little. When at my Aunt Becky's house I walked the full length of her couch with my best friend Henry!

I am so glad I got to meet Henry- my mom and Aunt Becky really just joke around about us being best friends since we are only 19 days apart, but it is true! I light up whenever I see him.

Right now I really like to be the center of attention-I cry if I am not. I will turn around in my seat in the cart at the grocery store even when i am buckled in just so I can see more people and they can all smile at me.

I got to meet Santa! He was super interesting- I really liked his beard but mom wouldn't let me pull on it. He promised to bring me a cardboard box for Christmas but he did even more than that!

Christmas was great- I am a pro at ripping paper and opening my gifts. I got all sorts of neat stuff like blocks, and books, and foam animals for the tub...

My new favorite trick is dumping things out. I can sit with a box for hours and just tip it over and take everything out. Then I like to eat the box for a while.

Speaking of eating- I have discovered that I LOVE crackers! I really like to pound them into a huge mess then shove all the crumbs in my mouth. Or if it is a round cracker, I have fun seeing how much of it I can get into my mouth at one time. I also really, really like spaghetti. And anything mom and dad say I cant have.

I went on my first plan ride this month! I did much better than most of the other babies- I flirted with all of the stewardesses, played with mom and dads plastic drink cups, and even slept a lot! Though I did wake up to all the turbulance.

I really like going on vacation and meeting all my family. I didn't like sleeping in a different place- I woke up every 3 hours every night so mom and dad were exhausted but I LOVED my grandma Janice and my Aunt Carrie. Carrie thinks I am hilarious.

I love to play with toys- that's why I am so glad that Santa gave me so many! I will be busy all the time now- which is good because I get bored fast.

I also really love music, and to dance. Mom got Dad Ipod speakers for Christmas so now we have music on all the time and I LOVE it! I groove constantly.

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