Friday, December 2, 2011

My Brother is a Total Stud

I think that my little brother is a total stud. Really. I often times find myself sitting and WISHING That I was him and then I remember- I AM him. Or he is me. Or out of ANY of my siblings, Alex and me are the most a like. People tell me that they love to hear him speak in church because they feel like"sarahray" is home :) Only thing is- my brother is a little more gregarious than me. Hard to believe I know. We have always had a bit of a special bond, and I LOVE HIM MORE THAN LIFE.

Anyways, his school just recently did a rendition of The Merry Wives of Windosor. And I was SO bummed that I couldn't be there to see it! However, I was SUPER happy to find that his friends added LOADS of pictures to Facebook so I at least get to see the best stuff. And because it looked like it was a rocking awesome play, and it looks like my brother rocked the stage- I had to add a load of the photos here.

The best part? His love interest? She has been Alex's best friend since they were two, and she is the little sister of MY best friend Becky.

Now don't worry- his costumer is suppose to look that gay. He is VERY straight :) For those of you concerned anyways I added a pictures of how crazy all the costumes were that way you wouldn't have to worry :)

 See? I told you. My little brother is a total stud.

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