Saturday, December 3, 2011

Just a reminder...

This is going on at my other blog... Well, its only been a half a year since my last post :) I got so caught up with new baby, and moving, and unpacking, and starting school and everything that goes with moving and getting settled that I thought I was going to close this blog forever, and just post anything crafty I did if I ever got the time on my new blog. However, with the oncoming holiday season I have been in craft heaven, and there are just too many ideas to share and too much that I have been doing to leave it all to my personal blog. So, for the month of December at least, I am re-opening the blog! Being a poor medical students wife, living off of loans, and moving every two years, not to mention a hgouse with little children, the idea of crafting or decorating for any holiday is hard. It has to be cute. It has to be cheap. It has to be something easy and light to pack, OR something that I am not so attached too that I dont mind throwing it away. (or if it gets ruined my little hands and mouths.) Tall order. So, since the beginning of November I have been looking, and crafting, and researching, and now that Thanksgiving is over I have finally let myself full on decorate and gift plan :) And I thought that maybe I and my husband are not the only poor college married couple with small children that exist in this world, and that maybe some other people would like to see my ideas or at least my inspiration. Starting tomorrow I am going to try to do a different post every day about how we have gotten ready for the holidays :) Decorating ideas, crafts, baking, presents, you name it- I just might have it here. So come back and look! It's going to be a fun month.

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