Thursday, December 29, 2011


Home is such an interesting concept to me. Adam and I spent the past ten days at "home" with my family in Oregon. It was interesting, strange, tiring, fun, wonderful, and some of the best ten days ever.

I love the pure taste of Oregon tap water.

I love how humidity in Oregon is cold, clean, and crisp.

I love that I get triple the hugs because there are triple the people.

I love how my sister Carrie and I think alike.

I love how passionate my little brother is.

I love how much my nieces love my son.

I love my mom- how purely kind, helpful, and thoughtful she is.

I love everything about my best friend Becky.

I love how my son lights up when he sees Beckys son Henry.

I love how there are more than 3 flavors of soft serve at TCBY.

And yet, coming home last night, despite the fact that we had such a wonderful time in Oregon, and the fact that we hate West Virginia itself, and the fact that are apartment was colder than 50 degrees because we turned off the heat to save money while we were out...

I love knowing that this is MY space. Our space.

I love our bed.

I love how Logan loves his bed- how he wouldnt sleep more than 4 hours in a row in OR but here, in his crib- he knocks out for 12.

I love the smell of bleach and the febreeze I use- and the slight smell of old apartment :)

I love our TV's, computer, WIFI, shows- all our media and entertainment.

I love our car.

I love how much Logan adores his own exersaucer.

I love our food- our dishes- our things.

I love the water pressure in our shower.

I love seeing all our pictures on the walls.

Its just so funny to me, that I can cry for half a plane ride because I already miss my mom and my best friend, and yet I can feel so GOOD and so relieved walking into our old, wooden paneled, little apartment.

Oregon is my home, where my family is, where I grew up, where my memories are, where my dreams started.

And yet, where Adam and Logan are, now in West Virgina, is my home as well; Where my happiest moments have happened, where I create things, where I see my future.

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