Thursday, December 8, 2011


I apologize for not posting much lately. Really, since Thanksgiving our life has been pretty monochromatic. Aka, Studying for finals.

While Adam has been studying his little mind off, Logan and I have been keeping busy with crafting, decorating, shopping, phone chatting, playing, play grouping etc. Not really anything major of note, but enough to enjoy ourselves. (Or Logan would be enjoying himself more if he wasn't teething.)

And dont worry- Adam and I have taken a few breaks together- some good movie time, we went to dinner at his professors, and have discovered a Chinese restauramt that we love.

Trust me, when this week is over we will be more exciting people. Or maybe less considering Adams not going to want to do much but rest his weary brain... :)

It did snow here though. We weren't too excited about that, but it does look pretty. (Because people lie and the East Coast is NOT prettier in the fall- so it was nice to see some downy white to make the world sparkle.)

 Snow from our back window...
 Logan NOT crawling... not even trying...
 but still darling :)
 i thought this was too cute :)
 Adam multi-tasking...studying and spending time with his son

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