Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas and Family Pictures 2011

Now that our family is back in West Virigina with all of our awesome technology :) I guess it is time to start updating you on all the happenings of our vacation. The first of course being our yearly family photos.

My best friend in Oregon is the most amazing photographer ever. She is so smart, and talented, and just gets that down home family feel. So we paid her to get a load of pictures of my whole family, Adam and I and Logan, and then a few adorable ones of just Logan because Adam and I don't have any of just him yet. So enjoy this selection of our Christmas photo shoot :)

 This is my whole family- including my mom's mom! It was SO much fun having her there- I hadn't seen here for almost 7 years!

 This is one of my top favorites.
 All the kids!
 Logan with his best friend Henry :)
 All the girls, from left to right, my Grandma Cooper, my mom, Carolyn (17), me, Rebekah (19)
 the cousins, from left to right, Alayna and Abby then little Logan :)
 The dudes- my older brother Charlie, my dad, my little studly brother Alex. He is a stud.
 My brother Char with his girls- so darn cute.
 My parents
 The family that reads together stays together :)
 this is also one of my favorites.

 and another favorite.
 Logan's face is just hilarious.
 Logan and I have no darling pictures together so Becky made sure to get some. And I LOVE this.


  1. Becky IS a great photographer :) She captured you guys so well!!! You all look so gorgeous/handsome! We tried taking some family pictures over thanksgiving but it didn't work out the way I wanted.. Glad yours are awesome!!! Love the books and the one with you and logan, precious!

  2. Wow! Those pictures are beautiful! I love it!