Thursday, December 1, 2011

8 Months

I like being 8 months. I am so much more grown up than I was last month.

I am 18 pounds. It is not very big- I think I take after my dad. Especially since I have no hips or bum so my pants never stay on. My gigantic cheeks, which I get from my mommy, make me look super a lot bigger than I am.

I love sitting in the bathtub. The water always gets too cold before I get tired of being there. I like to chew on my rubber duckies. I have also learned what the plug in the tub is for and I always try to push it down myself when mommy puts my toys away to signal that bath time it doneso.

I have made friends! I think other babies are so interesting- I love having new toys that move! I don't even get mad when they crawl on me or steal my toys- because then I can steal toys from them and chew on their hair which I LOVE!

Chewing on daddy's hair is my favorite. It is so easy to grab and it doesn't hurt him as much as mommy I think. (Mommy is no fun- she never lets me eat her hair.)
When I was at my friend Luke's he showed me how much fun eating phones is! I love playing with phones now- all day long!

I really like everything though. I get SUPER mad when I can see Mommy and Daddy with something and they wont let me have it. Like stories at night. Or spoons when were eating. Or the hymn book at church. Or their food. Or the camera. It makes me so mad I SCREAM!
I do NOT like being put on my tummy. I have given up on crawling. Its for the babies. I really like to walk- Mommy and Daddy will hold onto my hands and let me step everywhere. Its super fun! I have also gotten strong enough to pull myself up when i hold onto the couch or the table or Mommy's arm. But then I get distracted by all the cool stuff around me and I fall down.

I really super love to eat. I love to eat the little cereals my mom gives me- I like those the best because I can eat them myself! I also like it when mom gives me food with little noodles in it- its so fun to chew!
I don't have any teeth yet but I can sure feel them coming- I'm excited to be able to chew lots of things besides my toys!

Speaking of toys- I really love them! My favorite thing to do is to sit on the floor in the living room with ALL of my toys all around me. I like to chew one at a time, and sometimes two! I don't have many toys so I am asking Santa for a lot. I especially love my big cloth ball.

I get SO excited to play with my toys that I get up at 5 in the morning! I don't know why this upsets mommy so much...

I really like to give kisses. I grab onto Mommy and Daddy's faces, or I grab the faces of my friends and open my mouth REAL wide to give them HUGE loves :) I am practicing for when I get older.

I am a very happy kid mom says. I really like to laugh and I think everything in the whole world is funny. Mommy and Daddy also say that I am a lot like mom because I like to talk and I am super loud when I do. If someone else is talking or singing I want to talk and sing too!

Don't you wish you were 8 months too?

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  1. gaaaahh your kid is so cute! I want his cheeks!! you guys are coming for spring break, yes??