Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review- 2011

I remember seeing some friends so this last year and I LOVED it so I am copying them and doing it again :)

Adam and Sarah worked. Awesome :) Sarah had her baby shower. (Actually awesome)

Adam and Sarah worked. Sarah got BIG. Adam went on his last med school interview.

Logan was born!! Adam got a job as a CNA! Our niece Jovi is born, and Logan's best friend Henry is born!

Easter! Adam turns 25! Adams sister Amy came to visit! Logan rolls over!

Adams best friends Ryan and Dan come to visit. Sarah gets to start loosing the baby weight. (Hallelujah!)

Logan is blessed. Adam finds out he got in the West Virginia School of Medicine. Second best day of the entire year. (Logan being born is the first of course.) Sarah's sister graduates high school and heads to BYU! Adam and Sarah introduce Logan to fireflies.

Logan meets Uncle Brandon. Adams sister Amy and Amber come to visit... at the end of the month Sarah and Adam move to West Virginia!!

They explore their new town. Adam starts med school, and does AMAZING. They make great new friends in the ward. They get a new car! Logan discovers his toes.

Sarah turned 25! Sarah goes to Pittsburgh with said new girl friends. Logan discovers he hates church.

 We all go to New York for an amazing weekend vacation. Then there is School, and Halloween! And a little excitement for the upcoming Hunger Games movie :) (Hence the costumes.) Sarah gets to go to the DC temple with some girl friends.

Sarah and Adam celebrate 4 amazing years together. Logan has his first baby sitter! Logan also starts play group and makes GREAT friends. Sarah hits goal weight! Its Thanksgiving! We get excited starting to plan for the holidays.

School ends- Adam does VERY well. Logan gets to meet Santa at the ward party. Sarah and Adam and Logan travel to Oregon for Christmas. Logan gets to meet the Ray side of his family, go on his first airplane ride, and gets to spend time with his best friend Henry Morgan! :)

 We will see.... :)