Monday, November 14, 2011

You Know You Have a Baby When...

1. You are fully dressed and at the grocery store by 7am
2. when any trip out takes twice as long, including a simple jog, because people keep stopping you to look at what you are toting along
3. you can be woken up at 3am without feelings of hate and revenge
4. your search for dirty laundry takes you to your car
5. you don't even notice when there is half eaten cereal attached to your sweater
6. you are just as concerned that your baby sitter know the words to "Baby Moon" as you are that they know the Heimlich Maneuver
7. your husband remarks that your new body wash smells good... and you realize you used the babies soap in the shower that morning
8. you hate it when your friends get together before 8. Because the baby hasn't gone to bed yet
9. when you start thinking that making animal noises will make people laugh
10. when two banana covered hands grabbing your face, and two more banana covered lips opening wide and swallowing your cheek makes you feel better than anything else in the entire world ever has


  1. true. You can add: To you, grunts and cries are an actual language, and you are an official interpreter

  2. i love this! and I'm adding You know the words to the Clifford and the Handy Manny theme song.

  3. Oh my gosh Linds- I TOTALLY sing the Dr. Suess song ALL THE TIME!