Monday, November 28, 2011


Adam and I have only once since we have been married, ever been with family on Thanksgiving. Its actually become somewhat of a fun tradition for us to do dinner with just our tiny family. (More fun this year now that the duo is a trio :) So I thankfully turned down all the invitations we got to share feasts at other tables and enjoyed making our own :)

I started with pumpkin pancakes, the Thanksgiving Day Parade (Neil Diamond sang this year- I was in HEAVEN!) Logan enjoyed his pumpkin, and Adam some toaster strudels. (Because he is neither a pancake man nor a pumpkin man)
Then we watched the puppy show, Logan napped, Adam and I lounged and munched on my best corn salsa (so yum) and some homemade guacamole. I wrote my list of the 100 things I am grateful for (I do this EVERY thanksgiving.)
Then around 4 we ate dinner and watched the new Marvel movie First Class. It was a good movie I thought- Adam says it us RIFE with inaccuracies :) But he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Then after Logan went to bed we had pie, I did some family history (and found out that COOLEST thing- that one of my moms ancestors was an original settler of Jamestown. What a thing to discover on Thanksgiving right?)

We had a great day- relaxing, eating, watching movies, talking to family, napping, playing with the baby- one of our best holidays ever I do believe.


We couldn't be MORE grateful for each other, for Logan, for how amazingly good and sweet and FUN Logan is! Or for all of our blessings to be in Medical School, to NOT Be in our eyeballs with debt, to be in such a great ward- Yay for life :)

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