Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Play Date!!

Adam and I are lucky enough to have some GREAT friends in our ward to switch off babysitting with. Not only are we lucky that they WANT to do this, but we are lucky that these particular friends also happen to have sons right around Logan's same age. I am always telling Adam about how adorable the boys are when they play together and he com-plains that he never gets to see it. So this past time when I went to the Turners I took a LOAD of pictures of their son Luke and Logan playing together. And I couldn't just pick a few because they are all too darn adorable so enjoy :)


  1. You have a talented kid! I don't think I've ever heard such a good motorcycle impression let alone from someone so small! ;) Hahaha So adorable!!!

  2. Sarah he is so freakin cute. i cant wait for the boys to play together.