Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Life lately

Middle of October: I decorated for Halloween!
October (a few days before Halloween:): Ward Trunk or Treat! Logan and I were Katniss and a Mocking Jay from Hunger Games. Adam was "Supportive husband along for the ride even though he hates Halloween" :) Best Costume I think. Even though Logan won "cutest"
October 31st: Annual Pumpkin Pizza (though it was hand made this year because stupid lame Morgantown doesn't have a Pap Murphy's. Logan and I wore our Halloween shirts, and Adam and I spent the evening watching a non-scary movie and eating candy
November 5th: Four year anniversary! Our acutal anniversary is the 6th, but that is a Sunday so we celebrated it the day before. The Turners, our friends from church, came over with their little boy to watch Logan, so LOgan had a blast. Adam and I went to Red Lobseter and had Lobster for the first time (meh-) and then to the movies to see the new 3 Musketeers film. It was GREAT. (Though Orlando Bloom is only ok. Maybe thats cuz I loathe him.)
November 9 2:30pm: Here starts the week from hell. Flu shots wheich for the first time made BOTH Adam and I sick. I started my period that afternoon- WHICH to all you moms, SHAME ON YOU for not warning me that your first mentrusal cycle after having a baby is JUST AS BAD AS LABOR. I have never had cramps like that in my life.
at 1:30 I awoke to an overflowing toilet, so i was sick, cramping, and up until three showering, deep cleaning my bathroom, and doing laundry. We were sick for a good full 24 hours, and it took about 48 and three more overflows (and three more loads of laundry) until the toilet got replaced. AWFUL.
But- somehow we made it to

Sunday, November 13th: clean, healthy, and all ready for the Primary Program! I am a teacher for the 4-5 year olds so I was in it. It went pretty good- this one boy in my class was especially darling. (I shouldn't have favorites but he is mine.)
Now we are just starting the end of semester onslaught- Adam has an exam a week from today, than a week from Friday, then the Monday after Thanksgiving break, then two Fridays after that- then there is finals AND board exams. So we will enjoy one thanksgiving day full of eating, and then until the semester is over Adam will be doing nothing but studying, and I will enjoy decorating for Christmas :)

Really- life hasn't been bad. Despiote the week of hell. In fact, that one night when I was showring at 3am I was laughing at the irnony becasue I have been NEEDING to really scrub at my bathroom. And the whole thing just made me realize how LUCKY I am to have Adam.

Adam and I have the BEST relationship, and Logan just gets more fun every day. Even know when he is crying at me cuz he wants a nap- when I turn to look at him he starts laughing at me. We love our happy blessed life.


  1. oh this made me laugh and sad. sorry your week turned out like that. Thanks for the period warning, I'm dreading mine to start.

  2. Yeah...the period. One of those evils that no one wants to talk about. I'm glad you guys are feeling better! Logan has a great smile.