Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Days of Christmas

I think I am going to reopen my creative blog. Okay, not I think. I am :) I closed it originally because I was just going to include crafting stuff here, and then this summer what with moving, and starting school and all that junk I just didn't craft very much. But since the end of October, gearing up for some holiday fun, I have been a crafting MACHINE. I needed to find cheap, cute, yet disposable ways to decorate, and meaningful homemade gifts to make. So, starting December 1st, I am going to have a post every day on my crafty blog to show off all the stuff I am doing. And I am doing it over there simply because I do not have the space to do it all here, and still put up pictures of all the other stuff going on in our life. So head over to my craft blog tomorrow and enjoy your holiday!

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