Thursday, October 27, 2011

Written by Logan

I'm Logan and I turned seven months old this week.

I like being seven months old. In fact, I like everything in the whole world which is why I am always so happy. I am even happy when I wake up.

In fact, the only things that make me sad are when I am really hungry and mom is taking FOREVER to make my food. Or when I am super tired and mom wont put me to bed yet. Or when I am REALLY dirty. I don't mind having a super dirty diaper, but when I do mom has to stick me under the facet in the bathtub and I hate that. But afterwards I get to take bubble baths which I LOVE. Mom has started to let me sit up in the big bath tub like a big boy and I love that. I really like to splash everything, and to play with the rubber ducks on the bottom of the tub. I also REALLY like bubble bath.

Mom started giving me meat this month. I LOVE it. I love chicken, I love turkey, I love ham, but I don't really like beef. But if mom mixes beef with my other favorite things like squash and peas then I will eat it.

Sometimes when I eat Mom gets mad because I learned how to take off my bib and I make a HUGE mess. 

Mom and Dad really want me to learn to crawl. I tried real hard and learned to scoot backwards but that didn't make them happy enough. (Stupid parents.) So now I am trying to learn to scoot forwards. I can get my hips off the ground and lunge forward but that's about it. And its hard work! Most of the time I get tired and bored real fast and just roll over on my back. Mom tries to make me work more by putting me back on my tummy but she cant trick me. I know I can just roll onto my back again.

My new favorite thing is my truck that Grandma got me. Mom and Dad will roll it across the floor and over my arms and I think it is the funniest thing in the whole wide world.

The second funniest thing in the whole wide world is when Mom and Dad laugh. Even when I am super sad, if Mom and Dad are laughing I just have to laugh too!

I don't have any teeth yet which makes me sad. Because I always want to eat everything Mom and Dad have in their hands and I get mad when they wont let me.

I am getting to be a super big boy. Mom put me on the scale and I weigh almost 18 pounds! Soon I am going to get a big boy car seat but not yet.

I drink only out of a bottle now and I like it. I am getting so big that I can hold my bottle all by myself! Most of the time that is. Sometimes I get distracted and would rather play with the fabric on the couch or grab at Mom's hair. (I LOVE hair. Even the hair on Dad's face.)

Mom and Dad have moved me to my big boy crib. I love it! There is so much more room to move in it. Last night I turned myself all the way sideways! I also like the mobile in there. I didn't used to take naps very well. But now I can listen to music and watch animals go around in circles which helps me sleep for two hours about twice a day. And then I still sleep 12 hours at night! This makes Mom and Dad SUPER happy.

I also really love to pull my sleeves over my thumbs and then chew on them. Mom says this is weird but she wont try it so she doesn't know.

Being seven months is SOO much fun! I can't wait to be eight months... then nine months... then ten months...


  1. That was so cute! It is AWESOME he is sleeping so much! I really miss this stage..they are so cute. Not that toddlers aren't fun..but babies don't have much will-power you you have to battle... hehehe nom nom nom babies!