Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat

I was SUPER disappointed this year that we couldn't have our annual pumpkin carving. Apparently NO WHERE in WV carries pumpkins the week before Halloween. I spent an entire afternoon driving around town looking. And there are no Pumpkin Patches within an hour of us. So sad.

However, to make me feel better, Adam out of his kind heart agreed to go to the trunk or treat activity at the church! Plus, we have a kid to dress up so it is so much more fun.

This is Logans Costume in Production Mode :)

 I dressed up as Katniss from the Hunger Games (see the braid and the pin?) and Logan was my mocking jay :) Logan REALLY hated to get it on- its very cushy- but he doesn't mind it when it is on. He mostly just liked to eat his feathers:)

I made his costume- it was way easier than it looks. I put two onsies together, stuffed the middle to make him round, and then just hot glued a load of scrap fabric in the shape of feathers. I might have over done it seeing as Logan cant even trick or treat, but is was SO worth it.

He won cutest costume :) There were some other really cute things there too though. My friend Bethany dressed her son as Calvin adn he brought his toy tiger (hobbs:) And then our friends Katie and John were Foosball players- they dressed up in soccer costumes and then attached a PVC pole between the two of them. So creative.

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