Wednesday, October 19, 2011


There are a lot of things that as a parent you think about and KNOW you have to teach your kid. For instance, they HAVE to learn to use a fork. And the toilet. And to dress themselves. And tie their shoes.

A good parent will also teach their kids about being chaste, getting good grades, making goals, have dreams and desires, being healthy, having fun etc.

I used to say after I graduated college that I didnt have it in me to be a teacher. Yeah. Well having a kid kind of thrust the job on me. And I have discovered that I don't mind. In fact I LOVE teaching Logan. Teaching one kid that I LOVE is better than 30 that I just like. Or am suppose to like.

However, sometimes I have to sit down and think about while there are MOUNTAINS of things that I need to teach, and intentionally teach my child... there are a lot of things that I dont mean to teach him :) What people say is true- example is the best way.

These are the things that I have realized this week (and last week) that I have somehow given my kid the okay to do:

1. Being SUPER loud. He is related to me. I have a feeling NONE of my children will have an inside voice. And its my fault. Becasue I dont have one.

2. Eating peoples faces. Because Adam and I like to eat Logan's. (How can you NOT chew on his fat cheeks I ask you?)

3. Eating to soothe the heart. Every kid has their coping mechanism for traumatic experiences: sleeping, cuddling, a certain toy... the only way to calm Logan? Food. (He also gets this wonderful trait from me.)

4. That you can't sleep on church. This will probably prove to be a wonderful thing down the road. But for right now... if we are in the chapel, in a classroom, in the relief society room... Logan will not sleep no matter how tired he is. He just screams. But the moment I move to the couch in the hallway? He zonks out. (And the moment I go back INTO class he wakes up. Church is hard right now.)

5. That laughter is the best thing you can do. This is hilarious- Logan will cry cuz he is upset, but if Adam and I tickle him, or laugh at him, HE will start laughing. Because he is suppose to be happy right? But the moment we stop, he starts crying :) Its pretty darn funny to watch him switch back and forth. And touching that he tries so hard to be happy.

It makes me think about all the things my parents probably didn't mean to teach me that they did. Like, never be an accountant; Never do business with people inside of the Church; LOVE Barbara Streisand; Chocolate can soothe anything; Eating ice cream with the spoon upside down; electric razors are the best.

Some good some bad- but really what all of this does is make me SUPER on my guard as Logan gets older and more aware- I have to be CAREFUL with how I act, what I say, what we watch and listen too. And then I need to sit back and be grateful for the good parts of me and Adam that he picks up.

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  1. I really liked this post Sarah! It's amazing how children pick things up so quickly. It is something really important for parents to realize.... this makes me nervous! :)