Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat

I was SUPER disappointed this year that we couldn't have our annual pumpkin carving. Apparently NO WHERE in WV carries pumpkins the week before Halloween. I spent an entire afternoon driving around town looking. And there are no Pumpkin Patches within an hour of us. So sad.

However, to make me feel better, Adam out of his kind heart agreed to go to the trunk or treat activity at the church! Plus, we have a kid to dress up so it is so much more fun.

This is Logans Costume in Production Mode :)

 I dressed up as Katniss from the Hunger Games (see the braid and the pin?) and Logan was my mocking jay :) Logan REALLY hated to get it on- its very cushy- but he doesn't mind it when it is on. He mostly just liked to eat his feathers:)

I made his costume- it was way easier than it looks. I put two onsies together, stuffed the middle to make him round, and then just hot glued a load of scrap fabric in the shape of feathers. I might have over done it seeing as Logan cant even trick or treat, but is was SO worth it.

He won cutest costume :) There were some other really cute things there too though. My friend Bethany dressed her son as Calvin adn he brought his toy tiger (hobbs:) And then our friends Katie and John were Foosball players- they dressed up in soccer costumes and then attached a PVC pole between the two of them. So creative.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Washington DC is about 3 and a half hours from us, which makes it kind of a hard p-lace to visit. Too long for a day trip- but you feel guilty getting a hotel room and staying over night...

However, on October 22 there was a stake wide temple trip for JUST the women. Pretty cool. So Adam, being amazing, took care of Logan for the entire day so I could go.
My friends Katie, Summer and Kristin picked me up at 6:20am. We got to the temple around 9:30, had a chapel session at 10, went for a temple session at 10:30. It was SO wonderful. I haven't been to the temple since we left Utah. (The one closest to Tennessee doesn't rent clothes so while I was pregnant I couldn't go.) And it was so much fun to be there with all of these women I have come to know and love!
The DC temple is beautiful. But- nothing will compare to Manti. I'm sorry- but that is my favorite I think.

After the temple we took the half hour detour- we had too! It was only a HALF HOUR- to...

We were freaking excited if you can't tell :)

Then we also discovered that there was a a Ritas ice cream place so we went there as well. For those of you who have not had Ritas... you are MISSING OUT. So amazing.
We were back on the road around 2:30, and I walked in the door after five. A long day, and not one I would want to do often, but so worth it. (And even better cuz I didn't have to drive! Katie- you are a STAR!)
(This is Adams I miss you face. He texted it to me when we were on our way home :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Written by Logan

I'm Logan and I turned seven months old this week.

I like being seven months old. In fact, I like everything in the whole world which is why I am always so happy. I am even happy when I wake up.

In fact, the only things that make me sad are when I am really hungry and mom is taking FOREVER to make my food. Or when I am super tired and mom wont put me to bed yet. Or when I am REALLY dirty. I don't mind having a super dirty diaper, but when I do mom has to stick me under the facet in the bathtub and I hate that. But afterwards I get to take bubble baths which I LOVE. Mom has started to let me sit up in the big bath tub like a big boy and I love that. I really like to splash everything, and to play with the rubber ducks on the bottom of the tub. I also REALLY like bubble bath.

Mom started giving me meat this month. I LOVE it. I love chicken, I love turkey, I love ham, but I don't really like beef. But if mom mixes beef with my other favorite things like squash and peas then I will eat it.

Sometimes when I eat Mom gets mad because I learned how to take off my bib and I make a HUGE mess. 

Mom and Dad really want me to learn to crawl. I tried real hard and learned to scoot backwards but that didn't make them happy enough. (Stupid parents.) So now I am trying to learn to scoot forwards. I can get my hips off the ground and lunge forward but that's about it. And its hard work! Most of the time I get tired and bored real fast and just roll over on my back. Mom tries to make me work more by putting me back on my tummy but she cant trick me. I know I can just roll onto my back again.

My new favorite thing is my truck that Grandma got me. Mom and Dad will roll it across the floor and over my arms and I think it is the funniest thing in the whole wide world.

The second funniest thing in the whole wide world is when Mom and Dad laugh. Even when I am super sad, if Mom and Dad are laughing I just have to laugh too!

I don't have any teeth yet which makes me sad. Because I always want to eat everything Mom and Dad have in their hands and I get mad when they wont let me.

I am getting to be a super big boy. Mom put me on the scale and I weigh almost 18 pounds! Soon I am going to get a big boy car seat but not yet.

I drink only out of a bottle now and I like it. I am getting so big that I can hold my bottle all by myself! Most of the time that is. Sometimes I get distracted and would rather play with the fabric on the couch or grab at Mom's hair. (I LOVE hair. Even the hair on Dad's face.)

Mom and Dad have moved me to my big boy crib. I love it! There is so much more room to move in it. Last night I turned myself all the way sideways! I also like the mobile in there. I didn't used to take naps very well. But now I can listen to music and watch animals go around in circles which helps me sleep for two hours about twice a day. And then I still sleep 12 hours at night! This makes Mom and Dad SUPER happy.

I also really love to pull my sleeves over my thumbs and then chew on them. Mom says this is weird but she wont try it so she doesn't know.

Being seven months is SOO much fun! I can't wait to be eight months... then nine months... then ten months...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


There are a lot of things that as a parent you think about and KNOW you have to teach your kid. For instance, they HAVE to learn to use a fork. And the toilet. And to dress themselves. And tie their shoes.

A good parent will also teach their kids about being chaste, getting good grades, making goals, have dreams and desires, being healthy, having fun etc.

I used to say after I graduated college that I didnt have it in me to be a teacher. Yeah. Well having a kid kind of thrust the job on me. And I have discovered that I don't mind. In fact I LOVE teaching Logan. Teaching one kid that I LOVE is better than 30 that I just like. Or am suppose to like.

However, sometimes I have to sit down and think about while there are MOUNTAINS of things that I need to teach, and intentionally teach my child... there are a lot of things that I dont mean to teach him :) What people say is true- example is the best way.

These are the things that I have realized this week (and last week) that I have somehow given my kid the okay to do:

1. Being SUPER loud. He is related to me. I have a feeling NONE of my children will have an inside voice. And its my fault. Becasue I dont have one.

2. Eating peoples faces. Because Adam and I like to eat Logan's. (How can you NOT chew on his fat cheeks I ask you?)

3. Eating to soothe the heart. Every kid has their coping mechanism for traumatic experiences: sleeping, cuddling, a certain toy... the only way to calm Logan? Food. (He also gets this wonderful trait from me.)

4. That you can't sleep on church. This will probably prove to be a wonderful thing down the road. But for right now... if we are in the chapel, in a classroom, in the relief society room... Logan will not sleep no matter how tired he is. He just screams. But the moment I move to the couch in the hallway? He zonks out. (And the moment I go back INTO class he wakes up. Church is hard right now.)

5. That laughter is the best thing you can do. This is hilarious- Logan will cry cuz he is upset, but if Adam and I tickle him, or laugh at him, HE will start laughing. Because he is suppose to be happy right? But the moment we stop, he starts crying :) Its pretty darn funny to watch him switch back and forth. And touching that he tries so hard to be happy.

It makes me think about all the things my parents probably didn't mean to teach me that they did. Like, never be an accountant; Never do business with people inside of the Church; LOVE Barbara Streisand; Chocolate can soothe anything; Eating ice cream with the spoon upside down; electric razors are the best.

Some good some bad- but really what all of this does is make me SUPER on my guard as Logan gets older and more aware- I have to be CAREFUL with how I act, what I say, what we watch and listen too. And then I need to sit back and be grateful for the good parts of me and Adam that he picks up.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Start Spreading the News...

We left on Friday :)

NOTHING else has been going on in our lives- I promise you. Adam took a test, we got sick, there was conference, then the making up for being sick, Adam took his fourth round of tests this past Friday and right after the last one we left for...


Neither of us have ever been, and one of Adams mission companions and his wife now live in the Bronx and they gave us an open ended invitation to come whenever we wanted. And since this was right after a test, and since Adam had some other buddies from Ohio that were going to be there the same weekend we decided this was the prime time to go!

We were packed up by 2, and Logan and I got gas and played around while Adam took his test. We were on the freeway by 3!
We got into the Bronx about 10 on Friday evening- you should have seen us once we got into New York :) I was trying to take pictures of the city line, and when we went over the George Washington Bridge Adam and I kept on exclaiming- we are on the George Washington Bridge!! :) We were excited. The Bronx by the way is a much less scary place then either of us were anticipating. Apparently our friends live in a super nice neighborhood (and their apartment was SO pretty) but even when we walked to and from the subway I felt super safe.
We were out of the house by 9 Saturday morning, caught the 6 train right around the corner from our friends apartment and got off right by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was the one stop that no matter what I HAD to make. And interestingly enough- it was Adams favorite.
We went through a super cool exhibit on Egyptian art- and they had a whole recreation of the temple in Dunbar (Denbar?)
Then we went through an exhibit on armor from all over the world and over time. This was Adams favorite thing in the entire trip. He says he could have spent half a day in just those two or three hallways. And I have to admit. It was pretty awesome.
Then of course because my husband loves me, we went and saw impressionist art :) I saw my mom's FAVORITE piece and I was tearing up just staring at it. Pathetic I know but it was SO amazing.
We were out of the museum around 11:30, then took a nice strolling walk through central park. (I should mention that the wife of Adams mission buddy Ledjah was touring us the whole time- SO nice of her) and I sat and fed Logan. Who was a star through all of it. He really didn't nap the whole weekend but as long as he had food he was great. (Though he now HATES his car seat haha!)
Around noon we met with Adams mission buddy Lance and we went through the American Museum of Natural History. They had a butterfly conservatory exhibit going on where you go into this room FULL of live butterflies. It was SUPER cool. They had a part of the wall that was all for cocoons and you could watch the butterflies hatch... Logan was completely entranced. He was looking all over and everywhere- he couldn't get enough! They had butterfly's the size of my thumb nail and ones the size of my whole hand.
Then we went to a Dinosaur exhibit- Adam's second favorite part of the trip. It was AMAZING! Just the sheer amount of skeletons- and so many different ones! Not just the average that you are used too. I liked the hall dedicated to the water animals. My favorite was this turtle frog dog thing. Adam of course liked the room with the T-Rex. And for some reason, though this was the most exciting exhibit of the day- Logan fell asleep.
As we were walking out of the museum we met up with Adams buddies from Ohio and we all went out to lunch. We were going to try this place called the Shake Shack that I had heard so much about but the line was out the door and around the corner and we were all too hungry to stand in line. So we went to a sandwich shop called Lenny's that was REALLY good. Home made bread and chicken salad. Yum!

Then Lance and his wife put us back on the metro headed for Times Square while they went home to nap. :) We walked around Times Square for a minute, and then walked downtown to the Empire State Building. (The picture of Logan was with Adam's buddy Tony who comes from a HUGE Italian family. Logan LOVED Tony.)
It took us about an hour of standing in lines but we went to the Empire State Building observatory on the 86th floor and I tell you- the hour in lines was WORTH it. It was so amazing. Breathtaking. And VERY windy :) Logan liked the wind at first, but then it was so strong and cold in his face that he got SUPER fussy so I took him inside while the guys mulled around for a little while longer.

After all that we were so tired that we said goodbye to the guys and headed for the subway. It took us about an hour from the empire state building to get back to the Bronx, but we were inside our friends door by seven. (A requirement of Adams to go on this trip. He thought if we were out after dark we would get mugged and stabbed haha!) I have never seen Logan so happy to get out of a stroller. I let him stay up pretty darn late just so he could kick around and get some energy out.

Ledjah made us an amazing dinner- Albanian salad, homemade cheese and broccoli soup, homemade veggie pizza. I put Logan to bed then we sat up until 3 am eating and talking. I haven't stayed up so long in YEARS.

Sunday morning Adam and I woke up STILL tired and VERY sore. Ledjah made us Crepes for breakfast, then we packed up the car and were on our way back home by 11am. We are still tired despite over ten hours of sleep, and working out this morning proved a little difficult but it was SO worth it! Such an amazing trip.

I don't think I can pick a favorite thing- I kind of got the impression that once you see one big city you see them all. I was sad I didn't get the same sense of shock that I got when I first went to London- but then I had seen a big city before. But while London is old and cultural- New York is so TALL and exciting and modern- I really loved experiencing it all. And I am also glad we are home :)