Friday, September 23, 2011

We Read Together So We Stay Together

I posted this picture on my facebook but I love it SOO Much I had to post it here as well. Hilarious no? :)
So true to form for our little family as well. I have this dream of when we get our pictures taken for Christmas of all three of us on the couch, Adam with his heavy medical text books, Logan with his x-men board book, and me with something like Anne of Green Gables or Wuthering Heights. That is how we spend most of our evenings and I LOVE it. Though usually Adam is also taking notes on his computer, Logan is really eating his books, and usually I am reading on the i-pad or reading TO Logan. (Frog and Toad are our new favorites. SO DARN FUNNY.) Still, its the principle of the matter. We are a book family.

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